A ❤️’s E

This is easily one of the most incomplete blog posts you’ll ever see here, but ya know what? Don’t care. Sometimes you just have to shout-out something you love, especially when it’s focused on pizza and what’s a no-doubt great NYC cheeseburger. City folks likely know it, but for those in Connecticut and Westchester that…

Lulu, My Love

I’ve mentioned before on CTbites how difficult it is for me to find a solid Asian takeout spot in Norwalk. As you can imagine, that statement resulted in some comments, texts, singing telegrams, and even a carrier pigeon showed up with suggestions. “But have you tried…” Yes. Yes, I have. If it’s in Norwalk, I…

Happily Evarito’s After

Heartbreak comes in many forms. I’ve certainly experienced it when it comes to relationships, and I’ve felt it when a favorite haunt shutters. My heart was broken when Cask Republic South Norwalk closed. It was my spot back when it was The Ginger Man and that continued with it’s chic beer bar makeover. When the…

Bear’s Smokehouse at The Stack Opens in New Haven

Stellar BBQ and very beery things are happening at the DISTRICT As if I needed another reason to LOVE New Haven…now the Elm City can boast that it has a brand-new addition that smokes some of Connecticut’s best BBQ. In a state where very good BBQ isn’t common, there are two names that stand out….

Total Ko

Highlights from the bar experience at Momofuku Ko