Strada 18

Strada 18, located at 122 Washington Street in South Norwalk, Connecticut is a charming restaurant/pizza joint. Strada has the feel of an Italian restaurant especially with the brick oven that all diners can view right from their tables. The dim lighting and exposed brick on the walls feels very adult but parents bring their children because after all, it is a pizza place and Strada’s sign says just that “Apizza e Vino.” The vino especially, since the wine menu had hundreds of selections, so many that I didn’t even try to count.

While tempted to try something other than pizza, we simply had no choice. They’re famous for it so we had to do it. One large sausage for myself, and one large pepperoni for Rob. At $13 a pie, that’s not too bad, plus toppings of course. We were both pleased to hear that the sausage and pepperoni are made on the premises as well as the mozzarella. Our waitress was helpful as that’s obviously where we got that information. She kept checking back to see if everything was ok, which I personally like. It also didn’t hurt that she was cute! Ok, I know what you’re thinking, why would we put that she was cute? We’re guys that’s why!

When the pizza came we were supposed to take pictures for this very blog but it looked so good that we dove right in. Instead of pictures of the whole pie, we snapped a few of basically half. You can probably guess that we loved the pizza. The pepperoni was thick cut and the sausage was in both chunks and crumbles. The crust was thin and crispy but not so much that it fell apart or cracked in half. It had that chewy-crispy factor which I personally love. Strada 18 is highly recommended for friends that just want to hang out and have a good pizza or a cool date with your girl or guy.

Rob will discuss desserts and other stuff in comments.

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  1. Rob K says:

    Strada 18 not only has a good selection for dinner, the dessert menu is equally impressive. Don't let the smaller menu size fool you, the desserts are definitely something you'll want to cap off your trip to the restaurant.

    On one side of the page, there's a full list of dessert wines & cordials. On the other side, there's a page worth of delectible: gelato, cake, pudding & coffees. I had to go with the classic gelato though, which IS NOT ice cream!!! They had an interesting flavor which you don't see much of, Guiness. Yes, that Guiness.

    But, I stuck with one scoop of vanilla & another of caramel. The price was very reasonable, and next time I'll be sure to try a third flavor.


  2. Andrew says:

    Ah yes, the gelato. It was so good I consumed my vanilla and chocolate in less than a minute. It barely had a chance to melt but if they gave me a piece of bread I may have soaked the melty gelato goodness up and consumed that too!


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