Pepe’s Pizzeria

Going in I had heard lots of things. Most people I talked to had said it was good or even the best pizza they had ever tasted. Others said it was “just ok.” I completely disagree with the latter.

Pepe’s Pizzeria, the famous New Haven eatery, now has locations in Yonkers, Mohegan Sun Casino, and Fairfield which is closer to where I live. I will admit it took me a while to try anything at Pepe’s but mostly because I don’t often travel to New Haven just to eat. I wish I had.

I finally got a chance to go, not to the New Haven location but to Fairfield.

Lines at Pepe’s are usually long. Trust me and wait if you can. I must confess that I was a victim to going to the Fairfield location when they first opened but the wait was ridiculously long so I went to a sub-par pizza restaurant down the road. Huge mistake. Had I known then what I know now I would have never done that.

When my friend and I arrived there was no wait, maybe because it was a Wednesday. We knew going in that Pepe’s offers a few different kinds of pies. They have the pizza we are all used to with mozzarella as well as the tomato pie which is very little cheese at all but just a shaving of melted parmesan. Of course you can choose to get toppings if you wish. We ordered two pizzas. One tomato pie, just plain and one regular pie with half sausage, half pepperoni.

Both were great. The crust was chewy but crunchy in spots and personally I love the burnt areas. To me, nothing beats a thin crust pie with pork toppings. The tomato pie was also quite good. It was refreshing to try something other than your typical sauce and mozzarella cheese pizza. The craziest thing was two guys ordering and almost finishing two large pies! I’m positive our waitress was shocked.

Another tip at Pepe’s. Don’t order Coke or the sodas we’re all used to. A trend at these New Haven or New Haven based restaurants seems to be the Foxon Park sodas. Try them! Pepe’s has almost every flavor including Gassosa which is an Italian lemon-lime flavored soda.

Every time I went to Mohegan Sun I saw many people walking around with or gambling right near a box of pizza from Pepe’s and now I know why. Go there, it’s worth it!

Go to Pepe’s website for locations or more information.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rick says:

    That looks sooooo good!


  2. Andrew says:

    Excellent pies at Pepe's. This place is expanding to New York now after starting out in New Haven, CT. Now they have five locations. The pies are huge. I think one pizza could feed three. Or one depending on how much pizza a person can put away.


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