Authenic BBQ Served Up at Wilson’s in Fairfield, CT

It’s no secret that I love BBQ. As do my fellow Food Dudes. Damion and I decided to grab some dinner at Wilson’s BBQ in Fairfield, Connecticut. We have been meaning to pay a visit to Wilson’s for some time now but schedules weren’t matching up.

Finally, this past Saturday, Damion and I drove up to the BBQ place that was featured on Guy Fieri’s show, “Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives.” I parked in back and noticed the smoker; my anticipation of stuffing myself grew even more intense. Wilson’s was smaller than I expected, there weren’t too many tables, which made me nervous that we wouldn’t be able to get a seat. To my delight, two seats opened up at the “bar like” counter. Yes, Wilson’s is a small place, but what they lack in space, they make up for with the love in the food.

I didn’t know what to do when I sat down. Will someone take my order? Do I step up to the people preparing the food? Luckily, a local told me I needed to order at the register that was crammed behind his table. I stepped up to the register to order a two meat platter. The meats I chose were Memphis style baby back ribs and beef brisket. My sides were mac & cheese and fries, and that also came with cornbread. As you can see, I was going for a carbo load with a side of meat. And of course, a sweet tea.

After paying, I sat back down. While waiting for my meal, the phone was ringing off the hook. Orders were pouring in, this is a good sign usually and it made me feel that the food there must be something special.

The simplest way to say this, I was impressed. The ribs and brisket both had that “bark” effect from being in the smoker. That authentic taste from the smoker is difficult to find in Fairfield County but not in Wilson’s. The brisket was extremely well done, and by well, I mean tender without being dry. The brisket allowed me to try the tomato based and chipotle sauces that were on the counter. Both sauces were a nice touch to the brisket. I left my ribs dry just to preserve the way they were cooked.

The mac & cheese was satisfying but I always find myself wanting more of that crispy, brown, top layer. The fries were fresh made and wonderful. I especially was a fan of the cornbread; it wasn’t dry like at most places in the area. I’m not a fan of having to eat my cornbread with a few gulps of sweet tea. Wilson’s cornbread is something I found myself wanting later that night for a snack. As for the sweet tea, it was very sweet, but with BBQ, should it be made any other way?

This whole meal was a perfect portion. I didn’t leave feeling like I had committed a sin but I was full. And I ate everything as you will notice in what I like to call “the aftermath picture.”

Before coming to Wilson’s I did something that I rarely ever do, I read other reviews. I was shocked to read that people thought the prices were steep. My meal came to $23.80. Considering the meal was a half rack of ribs, at least seven slices of brisket, two sides, cornbread, and the sweet tea, I found the price quite acceptable for good quality BBQ.

When I was leaving Wilson’s, I did another thing that I never do. I met Mr. Wilson and told him, “Very nice job, well done. I cannot wait to come back.” And I will be back soon, maybe even next week.

For more information, Wilson’s BBQ can be reached at (203) 319-RIBS or online at

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