The Colony Grill: The Night The Food Dudes Went In As Boys, But Came Out As Legends

Well maybe the title is a little exaggerated. Damion, Rob, and I ate five pizzas. We’re sure that somewhere in the history of the Colony Grill, three other guys have probably eaten more but that doesn’t mean we didn’t feel like champions.

Most people in the Fairfield County area are familiar with the Colony’s Stamford location. Yes, I have been to that one too. This time the Food Dudes packed into the car on a cold, rainy night and decided to make an appearance at the Colony Grill in downtown Fairfield.

We were starving. We arrive at the Colony. Looking around, we all remarked how modern this place was. It had that look of a sports bar, Irish pub combination. From the very simple booths and tables and chairs to the exposed brick and sports jerseys hanging on the wall, we felt right at home here. Customers were seen downing beers, eating pizza with their friends and families, or both eating and drinking.

Our waitress came over and we kicked off the evening with a pitcher of Miller Lite and three of the Colony’s pizzas. We ordered one plain, one sausage, and one hot oil with pepperoni.

The questions that we all heard about the Fairfield location would have to be resolved, Does Fairfield stack up to Stamford?

We all agreed that there was no difference. The pizza in Fairfield was equally as wonderful as Stamford’s. There is nothing like biting into that wonderful thin crust that the Colony has mastered. As usual, pizza and beer rule everything. The oily-ness of the cheese mixed with that crispy thin crust is the perfect combination for all you pizza connoisseurs out there.

One of our favorites that night was the hot oil pizza. The hot oil is a specialty of the Colony. Hot oil is basically olive oil with serrano peppers in it so the oil takes on the flavor of the peppers. The Colony even serves it up with a few serranos in the center which we gladly consumed. People may be under the impression that the hot oil pizza is “too spicy” or it might kill the flavor of the pie. Wrong. It was just the right amount of spice. We actually found ourselves soaking up the oil on the pizza tray with the other slices not named “hot oil.”

After about five minutes, we had demolished all three pizzas. So, now what?

We did what any three starving guys would do, we ordered two more. One plain, one with bacon and mushroom. Hey, we’re the Food Dudes; we have a name to uphold. Those were harder to consume towards the end, but we were victorious!

Our pizza picks at the Colony Grill:
1. Do not miss out on the HOT OIL!
2. Sausage
3. Bacon & mushroom

The Colony Grill is proof that an extensive menu is not necessary. They have one item on their menu and they serve it up to perfection. We’ll be back here for sure. The Colony has that appeal that makes you want to become a regular.

Pizzas at the Colony run $8.50 with each topping set at $1.50 per. For more information on both locations, check them out at

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    oh, yes, there are others who can eat way more than you 3 in 1 sitting!!!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree, Fairfield is just as good as Stamford. Love the location and atmosphere!!


  3. Anonymous says:

    I believe it's a serrano pepper for the hot oil @ Colony which is typically hotter than a jalapeno.

    ..just sayin 😉


  4. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    Serrano, hmm…we all assumed jalapeno since it was served on the tray. I've even heard of a serrano, jalapeno, and habenero mix. I will definitely confirm on the next visit


  5. Jessica Braccia says:

    I'm a proud Fairfield Colony employee and I just want to extend my thank you for the wonderful review! To answer your inquiry, it is a serrano pepper, not a jalapeño.


  6. Andrew says:

    Haha. Thank you so much Jessica! I appreciate the inside information. I will change it right….now!


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