The Legend of the Wacky; the Breakfast Sandwich of Yorktown

What about the little guys!? That’s exactly what I thought when I went to this place for breakfast one morning.

I had been going to Dante’s 3, a deli in Yorktown New York, for some time now. For as long as I can remember…or as long as I lived in the area.

Dante’s is a pretty popular deli in the small town. It seams as if all the locals know about it. And what it is famous for is it’s beyond amazing breakfast sandwich called the wacky. A well known local favorite. I have converted several people from their boring lives of a simple egg sandwich to the fulfilling life of the wacky. One of the popular terms said about the wacky is “I Got Wacked” stemming from the Italian mobster terminology. The slogan is found on posters in the windows of the deli or on t-shirts sold there.

I would definitely consider this sandwich the breakfast of champions. Two eggs, bacon, ham, and home fries. And for some, that little added slice of cheese. It’s a lot to take in. sometimes you just have to take it with a grain of salt. Or if you are like me, salt and pepper with a little bit of ketchup. Fair warned, this sandwich is not on the Weight Watchers menu and I am sure Dr. Atkins would roll over in his grave if he saw the amount of carbs this thing holds. But if you are looking for the best breakfast sandwich out there, check out Dante’s 3 in Yorktown, New York. Get Wacked!

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