Old-Fashioned Griddled Goodness at Burgers, Shakes, & Fries

Burgers, Shakes, & Fries have now opened a Darien location to compliment their restaurant in the Byram section of Greenwich. As a food lover this is great. The fact that they opened up in Darien particularly thrills me because of its closer proximity.

Now, the only way to actually review this place is by breaking it down by Burgers, Shakes, & Fries. Trust me. It’s just the appropriate way to do it.


BSF offers a single or a double. Opting for the double would be a mistake because BSF offers many toppings that burger lovers will rejoice over. A burger goes for around $5. Not too bad considering a patty is 1/3 lb. But what will sneak up on you is the cost of each topping. If you’re a topping guy like me then your burger will come out to be close to $10.
Personally, I don’t mind paying for a good burger. I like what BSF does with the buttered, griddled toast instead of a bun. I chose bacon, egg, and cheddar cheese for my toppings. My burger that day was medium even though I ordered it medium rare. It was still juicy so I didn’t complain.

The shakes at BSF were phenomenal. Vincent Vega would have been proud of BSF’s $3 shake instead of the $5 variety. Here’s to hoping the Pulp Fiction reference worked.
I ordered a chocolate shake and kept it “classic.” It was thick and chocolaty. The straw didn’t budge in the middle of the glass and still had some of the shake left in it after I was done sipping. BSF offers many different kinds and on my next visit I will be sure to try the Neapolitan.

The fries were just alright. I did expect better and I’ve had better at other local burger joints. Would I order them again? Yes, they were crisp enough but still had the right amount of softness and well seasoned too. Next time I might opt to try the onion rings.
Final Thoughts

BSF is a nice place to go for lunch or when you’re craving a classic, old-fashioned burger. But be sure to jazz it up with a few toppings even though it’ll cost you. With toppings, the number of different burgers one can come up with is seemingly endless. BSF offers adult beverages at the Darien location as well as hot dogs and veggie options.
I was also impressed with the cleanliness of the establishment. That phrase, “You could eat it off the floor” applies here. I like the orange color in the dining area combined with the sunlight that really brightens up the place. The tile walls behind the counter give it that old-school diner feel in a modern world.
Coming back here will be easy and may require some extra cardio.
For more information Burgers, Shakes, & Fries can be found on Facebook or at their website burgersshakesnfries.com/

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Just wanted to say hello! I haven't found any food blogs that actually check out places around CT. Found y'all through Yelp and I just hate popping into a blog without dropping a line! I dug BS&F, but I'd been dying for a burger, so at that point anything would have been delicious. Have you guys been to the Burger Bar in Sono? Or Super Duper Wienie if you're a hot dog kinda guy?

    Anyway, really great blog. Looking forward to reading more reviews!


  2. Andrew says:

    Thanks for commenting!

    Burger Bar is one of my favorite places in town. I have even sprung for the kobe beef burger once just for the experience. My favorite there is easily the B.E.C. love it with the egg, fries, and chipotle ketchup on top. Their lunch special is close to unbeatable also. Where else can you get a buger, salad, and fries for $10.

    I confess to going to the movies in Black Rock just to eat at Super Duper Weenie. The Chicagoan is a good dog to try.


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