Morton’s The Steakhouse – Stamford

When you think of steak, what comes to mind? Most people see steak as a classy food experience, meant to be enjoyed on special occasions. A lot of places serve up steak as part of their extensive menu, but few of them are designated steakhouses. And out of those steakhouses, none of them compare to Morton’s The Steakhouse.

The Morton’s experience is unlike any other, simply because of their choice of meat. That’s because Morton’s uses aged prime beef, which makes up less than 2% of the nation’s beef supply. What makes it “prime” you might ask? According to their website, all of Morton’s steaks, chops and roasts are pre-cut and packed in Cryovac for delivery and storage. The meat is never frozen, but arrives to the kitchen fresh, cut, trimmed and ready to cook.

As soon as you walk into Morton’s, you know that you’ll be in for a unique experience. The atmosphere of the restaurant is classy and elegant, and the wait staff is inviting and pleasant. They even go as far as to scrape the crumbs off the tablecloth between your courses! And of course the food, which is Morton’s claim to fame, is nothing short of amazing.

First off, the wait staff will roll out a cart with everything on the menu. We’re talking about the sides you can order, the full line of different cuts that they offer, and of course the seafood catch of the day. We were a little surprised to see the waitress hold up a live lobster that could be chosen. But of course, we came to Morton’s for
the steak.

I ordered the New York Strip Steak and my guest ordered the Prime Rib Bone-In
 Cut (available Friday and Saturday only). And take a look at our generous
 of steamed fresh broccoli and mashed potatoes! It was safe to say that the
steak was
 delicious and I could barely finish, but of course we saved room for
which I was too busy enjoying to take a picture of. But trust me, the dessert was great too.

So if you’re looking for a steak that’s unlike any other, I recommend Morton’s The
Steakhouse of Stamford. It’s located at 377 North State Street (GPS users use the
 1 North State Street), and parking can be found at valet spots in front of the
restaurant or at the UBS building around the block (you can just let security know that you are parking for Morton’s). And as always, you can find out more about Morton’s
logging onto or by searching “Morton’s The Steakhouse” on
 and also on Twitter @Mortons.

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