Bobby Flay gets it right with burgers

One of the best ideas for a restaurant at Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut came from celebrity chef Bobby Flay. Bar American is fantastic for many reasons (see my earlier review) but Bobby’s Burger Palace deserves a huge shoutout.

BBP always has a gathering of casino goers but do not be afraid to stand in the line, even if you think you’ll have a long wait. Employees at Mohegan Sun’s location keep the line moving and you will be ordering before you know it. While you’re in line, glance to the right and you will notice a menu. I would suggest ordering a burger, the place is called “Burger Palace” for a reason. They do offer griddled cheese sandwiches and salad for a vegetarian option or if you’re not feeling “beefy” on a particular day. You place your order, pay, and take a number. Place the number on the table and your food will be brought to your seat at one of the long counters.

This was my second visit to BBP and I could not resist ordering the Crunchburger. Do you remember as a kid having a cheeseburger with potato chips and putting the chips on the burger? That’s exactly what the Crunchburger mimics. Only, it’s better. The Crunchburger comes with two slices of American cheese, a stack of chips right on the burger, and a sesame seed roll that holds up to the juiciness of the beef. I ordered mine medium rare so it was extra juicy. TIP: Try a few of the condiments on the table. My favorite is the chipotle ketchup.

With your burger, please, order fries or onion rings. Or do what I did and order both. The fries are seasoned and I promise you that the smokiness of the fry sauce will hook you and not let go. The beer-battered onion rings were just as delicious. They were huge! You only get about five or six onion rings but the onions are sweet and you can actually taste the beer in the batter. The onion rings tasted good when paired with the fry sauce too. The only problem I see with the sides is that now I’ll have no choice but to order both on every visit.

BBP offers a variety of soda including the amazing Boylan’s brand, as well as milkshakes, and a great selection of beer.

Check out Bobby’s Burger Palace online at or on Twitter @bobbysburgerpal.

Bobby’s Burger Palace is a great option if you’re looking for a meal that won’t break the bank at the casino. On both of my visits, my meal came to around $15. I left satisfied and wanting to try some of the other burgers on the menu. Don’t miss out on what is likely one of the better burgers out there.

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