On the Road in Lake George: Bangin Breakfast at Café Vero

On the morning our friend Damion was running the Lake George Half Marathon, the weather was not good. As in, it sucked. With some time to kill before he crossed the finish line, Rob and I decided to walk (since Damion had the car) to get some breakfast at Café Vero. The walk was a terrible idea. Café Vero was a great idea.

It was cold, windy, and the pouring rain added that extra special touch that we all love. Luckily, Café Vero was about a 10 minute walk away from the hotel. The night before this breakfast venture, I asked around and locals informed me that Vero was the place to go for some morning grub.

We walked into a dry, warm, café area. Café Vero roasts their own coffee and that was clear as this place smelled wonderful. My stomach started growling and we were seated in the dining section of the café. Since we were soaked, we asked to be seated right near the fireplace that keeps this place so toasty. Vero really has that hometown feel.

One of the things Vero is famous for is their café lattes. Right away I ordered a caramel flavored version. So, you know that cool thing when the coffee experts make something like a heart or a fancy leaf on top of the latte? Yeah. They do that. Maybe this doesn’t add any taste but it sure is cool. I was pleased with the strength of the espresso and it warmed me right up. The caramel was tasty and I didn’t need to add anything to it. Time for breakfast.

Our waitress’ dad assisted in my breakfast decision. As I was mulling over the menu, he suggested an omelet or the American Breakfast (a classic two eggs any style with meat and home fries). I always trust the locals so I went with it. My order: a bacon & mushroom omelet with cheese, wheat toast, and home fries.

When my order arrived, I marveled at how big and how packed with bacon & mushroom goodness it was. That plate, may it rest in peace, had no chance. As much as I write about burgers and steak, I love breakfast. Café Vero did not skimp on the omelet fillings and I like that. It was one of the better breakfasts I’ve had anywhere. The toast was awesome too. This is not the type of bread that comes from a factory. This was homemade and our waitress told us that it is in fact local but did not know the exact place or baker. The home fries, crispy, well seasoned, and flat out delicious.

Even the price was something to smile about. For two café lattes, my omelet extravaganza, and Rob’s American Breakfast, it only came to $23. Good price, good coffee, go there when you’re in Lake George.

Café Vero is right on the main drag on Canada Street and can be reached at caffeverocoffee.com/ or 518-668-5800. They even have another location in Albany.

The next time I’m in Lake George, I’m coming here every morning.

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