Mezzaluna’s: Lake George, NY

In Italian, the word mezzaluna means half moon. And in the village of Lake George, New York, Mezzaluna’s Restaurant & Pizzeria on Canada Street serves up Italian classics that makes it worth the trip, whether it’s on-season or off.
Two years ago (May 20, 2009), Mezzaluna’s opened up in the space previously owned by Soprano’s Italian and American Grill. To tell you the truth, Soprano’s was great, and I was pretty shaken up when I saw it closed during one of my trips. I doubted that any other place could come close to the atmosphere and quality of food.
Soprano’s was a restaurant that stereotyped the goomba Italian way of life, I’m sure that the cast of Jersey Shore would have loved it. The walls were covered with pictures and posters from Scarface and the Godfather. And now, Mezzaluna’s has traded in the mobster theme for a nautical one, with artwork of ships now in place. But the one thing that’s remained the same is good food, especially the pizza.
My friend and fellow Food Dude Damion had a race coming up, and he needed some carbs. We decided it would be a good idea to put our appetites to the test and give Mezzaluna’s a chance. Coming from an Italian family, my idea on what constitutes good food is black and white, either it’s the best thing I’ve eaten or it’s average at best. With that being said, Damion ordered penne with meatballs and I split a half pepperoni, half mushroom pizza with Andrew.

The pizza was thin crust and gooey, but not overly messy, and it definitely wasn’t short of toppings. The penne was a decent sized portion too, and gave off a great smell of oregano. Everything was delicious and filling, and of course, there were no leftovers. We didn’t even have room for fried dough (yes, they serve fried dough) or the classic Italian coffee, espresso. I was disappointed about not having espresso, because the machine they have to make it is probably the fanciest thing I’ve ever seen.

So if you’re in the mood for some Italian food and you’re visiting the Lake George area, give Mezzaluna’s Restaurant & Pizzeria a shot. Their address is 157 Canada Street, and you can get more information on Lake George and the New York Adirondack area by visiting

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a great review I also love this restaurant and I'm glad you shared this they deserve all the attention they can get !


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