Is Gray’s Papaya on 8th Avenue Closed For Good?

I had to blink my eyes. I had to then close them and be sure this wasn’t a dream.

Rob, Damion, and me walked up to Gray’s Papaya on 8th Avenue this past weekend and it was all dark. Yes folks, CLOSED. Gray’s has been a staple for me for a while. Nearly every time I go to the city I make sure to stop by for the famous Recession Special.

As I walked away, I chatted with a local at a nearby pizza place. I wanted to ask him, “What the hell happened to Gray’s?” In fact, I did ask it that way. Now, Food Dudes do not specialize in gossip, nor do we want to spread rumors. I’m just going on what this gentleman told me. He informed me that last week, an inspector or someone of that nature went in and shut it down. He was not sure if it was a health inspector of some sort or someone from the IRS. He just remembered seeing someone walk in and later they were closed.

I hope to find out more about what happened as my fellow Food Dudes and I were upset upon arrival. We missed having those “snap when you bite ’em” dogs and those delicious fruit drinks.

If anyone knows the story of what went down, start up a discussion on the “Comments” section below.

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