You Won’t Be Sorry For A Sloppy Joe At Schnipper’s

The Schnipper Brothers, Andrew and Jon, have been on an episode of Bobby Flay’s “Throwdown!” Their restaurant, appropriately named Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen, threw down their sloppy Joe recipe and came out on top against the celebrity chef. I’ve passed this place many times and always seemed to have a full stomach. On this recent NYC trip, I made it a point to be hungry and stop in for a sloppy Joe.

Right away I noticed that Schnipper’s was packed. I assume it’s like this all the time. People were eating in, taking out. They have prime location at 620 8th Avenue, above it is The New York Times. I liked the way that the ordering here was handled. You step up, place your order, pay, take a number attached to a stand, and they bring the food to you. No hassle.

You’ll noticed right away that Schnipper’s has many different beers on tap, as well as a wine selection. Pretty good for a sandwich themed restaurant. I gladly would have ordered something alcoholic but being that it was in the mid 70s outside, I chose to opt not to be walking around in the sun, mid-day, with beer in my system. The dining area is nothing special but I liked the open space that isn’t cluttered. Again, it was nice out, so we ate outside.

Rob and I went for the cafeteria classic that we all remember back in elementary school, the sloppy Joe. Believe this, Schnipper’s Joes are nothing like the ones that have been slung by your old, crusty lunch lady. These Joes had flavor and reminded me of a chili of sorts but with a sweetness. I will never use a supermarket bought can of Manwich to make a Joe ever again. They don’t skimp on the meat, and I opted for the cheesy Joe, which simply enough has cheese sauce over the meat. While I didn’t get a chance to try Bobby Flay’s sloppy Joe, I know why he lost. If that makes sense.

TIP: Sloppy Joes come on a bun. You cannot eat this sloppy Joe with your hands! Well you could but I hope you brought an extra shirt. Don’t be a hero, use the fork.

The shoestring fries were crispy and well salted and the sweet potato fries came with that they call a maple sauce which would have tasted good on just about anything. A cool thing about Schnipper’s is that you can order a hot dog, a burger, or even your fries with the sloppy Joe mixture right on top. Next time, I will be trying fries with the Joe mix.

Schnipper’s offers many other items like fish tacos, a variety of salads, chicken options, and fish & chips. They even deliver.

I didn’t find the price to be extreme. For three of us it came to $32. $7.50 for a cheesy Joe seemed steep to me when I ordered but once I started eating, I really didn’t care.

Check out Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen online at, find them on Facebook, or on Twitter @Schnippers.

So if you’re on 8th Avenue and you walk by Schnipper’s, go in, eat, you won’t be sorry. In fact, you’ll probably become a regular.

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