Does Letizia’s have the best pizza in Connecticut?

It is no secret that Connecticut is the home to some of the better pizza joints in the United States. In our state, Pepe’s and Modern Apizza get lots of credit for being “The Best.” And yes, they are both are excellent and no one in their right mind would turn down a slice from either. People still tend to forget about the place that sits right on the town line of Wilton and Norwalk, Letizia’s Pizza.

Norwalkers have been flocking to Letizia’s for years, when they were located on Stevens Street and still at their current location at 666 Main Avenue. Letizia’s is sure to take a new customer by surprise. The décor is nothing special, just your basic setup of ordinary tables and chairs with some Letizia Family pictures on the wall. You will notice a photo of Uncle Joe who will remind you of Babe Ruth at first glance. Behind all the simplicity of the small dining area is clearly the best pizza in Norwalk, possibly the best in Fairfield County, and easily one of the top in the state.

No matter what time of the day, lunch or dinner, pizzas fly out of this place. If you see one go by on a silver serving tray, you will have no choice but to order one up. When you order one and take that first bite, you will notice a few things. Letizia’s crust stands up to the cheese and other toppings. It is thin, but not so thin that it falls through the dough. It has the right amount of greasiness. The sauce is basic, yet delicious, and has a sweetness that makes this combination of elements come together.

If you are a toppings kind of person, what else should go on a pie? Pork products of course. You cannot go wrong with pepperoni. It adds flavor to the pizza and tastes great when charred a bit. Another big toppings winner is sausage. Letizia’s doesn’t crumble or slice sausage like most, they give you chunks that come out juicy.

A large pizza starts at $12 without toppings but be sure to check out Letizia’s on Sundays and Mondays from 4-9 for a special $9 large. Letizia’s Pizza can be reached online at or give them a ring at (203) 847-6022.

For all those Best of Gold Coast Connecticut awards, Letizia’s has been overlooked time and time again. That’s fine. Their customers know real pizza, and Letizia’s is real pizza.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh boy, I used to work at the bakery in that strip, I must ask you to avoid it, the pies are below average, overpriced, she buys “fresh” blueberries from Chilie in the spring and the owners are nasty people. But Letizia's is mighty tasty! (just a tip, I don't want you guys spending 30 bucks on a crappy product!)


  2. Anonymous says:

    FYI – the Letizia family were the original owners of Uncle Joe's in Broad River – in case you youngsters didn't know! and…i did get a pie from Michelle's Pies the other day – nothing to rave about – my auntie makes much better pies – maybe she should have a throw-down with Bobby Flay – she just may win!


  3. Andrew says:

    I did know that. My grandfather would take the family there for dinner years ago. I haven't been there in so long. It might be time for a visit real soon…

    And OUCH! I have heard lots of negativity about Michelle on the street. Tried a key lime there once. No graham cracker crust, not real key lime pie. Maybe I should do a post about her to see what people say.


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