Burger Bar, I’ve let you down. This is my apology…

Burger Bar Bistro in Norwalk is a favorite haunt for most people I know. Time and time again I have taken friends and family here and we have always loved the burgers. So it got me thinking, why have I never written about this place before? Well, now is that time.

Even since Burger Bar opened next to the Sono movie theatre I have been going there for burgers after movies and even when I wasn’t catching a flick. This is a fun spot to hang out with your friends and Burger Bar makes it that much more enjoyable with everything from live music, to the Yankee games on the flat screens, and even supplying classic card games or even Connect Four. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay extra for a game of Uno with your pals.

What’s even better are the burgers they serve up. A recommendation for you, and especially if you have never tried Kobe beef, treat yourself to a Kobe burger and order it medium rare. The first time I tried Kobe was here at Burger Bar. It has a bit of a different taste from the Angus beef we’re all used to but that does not mean it’s bad. I enjoyed the higher fat content and the overall juiciness of the beef. Go for bacon as a topping and you will not be upset you did.

My favorite burger at Burger Bar is the B.E.C. which is Angus beef, fried egg, two slices of American cheese, bacon, spicy ketchup, and a few fries right on the sandwich. Pure bliss. The perfect combination of juicy and greasy. It’s the best breakfast idea for lunch. The B.E.C. is big, ordering fries with it will put your stomach on full. Actually, it will make you think you’re going to explode.

The Fireman is another burger we have to showcase. Topped with chipotle glaze, cherry peppers, ranch dressing, and spiked coleslaw, it is sure to send a few tingles down your tongue. This burger is also special because for every one ordered, some of the proceeds go towards the Connecticut Burn Camp on behalf of the Norwalk Fire Department. So enjoy it and know you’re contributing to a great cause.

The B.E.C. goes for $11 and The Fireman for $12 with most burgers in the price range of $7-$14. Be sure to stop by for lunch where for $7.50 you can get a burger with the basics (cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion), fries, and either a soda or a classic Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. That’s a great deal.

Other goodies at Burger Bar include the fries, the onion rings, the shakes, and the mac & cheese. I won’t get into too much, just take my word for it.

For a complete menu, pricing, and other information about Burger Bar Bistro, find them online at http://www.burgerbarsono.com or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/BurgerBarSono

Burger Bar, I am sorry. I should have reviewed you much sooner. I will never take you for granted ever again. In fact, I’ll be in for lunch again real soon to make up for it.

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