Small sandwich place, Blue Cactus Grill, impresses with Philly steak, garlic fries

Sometimes certain restaurants are there but we have no idea they are there. I’ve passed by Blue Cactus Grill in Norwalk plenty of times without knowing of its existence. Located “by the hospital” as locals would say, this tiny place specializes in sandwiches, especially cheese steaks.

I walked into Blue Cactus on a Saturday afternoon in between lunch and dinner. It’s just as small as it looks. A few bar stools at a counter and a table inside with a few tables outside. It looked very much like a deli with a big flat top griddle inside. The owner was friendly and chatted with Rob and myself for a bit and with other customers.

I’m keeping this one short since I have only been here once and only tried two menu items. So what did I order? I went with a classic cheese steak with cheese whiz and grilled mushrooms and onions. Rob had the same, minus the shrooms, and we split an order of garlic fries.

I enjoyed my steak sandwich. The steak was fresh, thin, shredded ribeye. This is the way a steak sandwich is supposed to start, none of that frozen Steak-Um stuff. The bread held up to the juicy steak and cheese by not falling apart or getting too soggy. It is safe to say, I will be back for more steak sandwich creations like the Backyard BBQ with BBQ sauce, bacon, melted cheese, with onion rings on the sandwich. If that doesn’t sound like sloppy goodness, the Chubby Douglas with creamy horseradish, fries, and gravy does. One of those is happening, but I’m not sure which one it will be.

The garlic fries, make sure you get them. Fresh cut, seasoned well with salt and pepper, and the fresh garlic right in there with the potatoes makes for great flavor. We couldn’t stop eating them. We actually started eating the garlic after the fries were gone to protect us from vampires and things of that nature.

Prices are reasonable. The steak sandwich went for $6.95 and came with a homemade vinegar based slaw that went well with the sandwich. All sandwich options, including burgers, are under $10. Salads, chili, wraps, and breakfast are also available. For more information, visit their website at

So give the little guy a shot for lunch. I doubt anyone will be disappointed by anything at Blue Cactus Grill. And remember, GARLIC FRIES!!! DO IT!!!

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