The mini burgers with the giant taste

It wasn’t my first time in White Plains, but it was my first night experience. I was skeptical at first because it was a place I had never been before, so I didn’t know what to expect. But one thing was for sure. It was Food Dudes time! I saw so many new and different eateries in the area, which I will be sure to go back and try.

I heard chatter about Hudson Grille. It reminded me of an “upper class” bar rather than the usual well known dive. To me, it was just a night on the town with my lady and her friend. A great bar for that. It was a place where people can all just sit, relax, and talk.

While sitting at the bar, several times I saw the waiters come out with a plate of mini burgers. And boy, did they look all sorts of amazing. So I gave into temptation and ordered a plate. Three sliders to a plate, which is pretty normal for any place offering mini burgers. Once I got the little buggers, I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into them. I didn’t know what was really in them until I tasted it.

It was like nothing I had ever had. The beef was so juicy and full of flavor. But the special part about it was there was bacon. But not on top like a traditional burger. The bacon was actually on the inside of the burger mixed in with the ground beef. I was with two other people so I had to share, but believe me, when I tasted that slider I wanted to snatch the other two back and go hide in the bathroom and eat them like a crack addict.

The fried potato sticks made for a great little snack after the burgers were done as well. So if you are in the area and are looking for a nice bar with a calm atmosphere and a little something to munch on, check out Hudson Grille and get the sliders from the bar menu. For $9 you can’t go wrong.

Hudson Grille

165 Mamaronek Avenue

White Plains, NY 10601


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