Lilly Lake Inn, Getting hitched and hooked on steak

…Now this is not what we would normally do, but when I went to this place and ate the food, it was Food-Dudes worthy. We as Food-Dudes are big fans of steak, especially filet mignon. This place takes the cake. Now it’s not your normal place where you can walk in, grab a table and order away. But if you are getting married and looking for a good reception hall, and a place to serve great food to your guests, this is it. Look no further than the Lilly Lake Inn, in Wolcott, Connecticut.

My brother and his fiance were looking for a place to have their wedding. We had gone to several places in the past few months and everything seemed either overpriced, or a distant idea of that fairytale wedding. The last place to look at was the Lilly Lake Inn. They had their heart set on another place and figured that “Hey…may as well check the place out…free lunch!” and my sentiments exactly. What do you expect, I’m a Food-Dude.

Once we got to the Lilly Lake Inn, opinions began to change. The idea of just free lunch was becoming more. We got a tour of the place and looked at the many wedding spots. While we were in the office, the maitre d had ordered us some sample cheese and crackers from the kitchen. a sample platter of what would come later at the wedding. the cheese was great. There was pepper jack, cheddar, and Muenster. The place was garnished with grapes.

After all was said and done, we were escorted to the main hall where we were seated by a large window to overlook the land outside. We were given a three course meal along with a basket of bread. Everything was great. …and than it happened. We were given filet mignon to try. It was incredible. I couldn’t believe it. Possibly the best steak I ever had. It was juicy. Medium rare as requested, tender, and perfectly seasoned. It came with mashed potatoes sent down from heaven made by angels. This meal was fantastic. Fantastic is an understatement. Imagine cutting a steak with your fork…never using your knife. This was a steak that melted in your mouth at the perfect temperature.

In the end, the food is what sold the place to my brother and his fiance. Not to mention how the pricing worked out, it was very reasonable for a wedding. Let’s just say I cant wait for the wedding. Hell…I may even get married so I can go back for more.

Lilly Lake Inn
68 Central ave.
Walcott, Ct 06716

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