The Beach Burger and the battle of the bar stools

I have received and read a few different news stories about The Beach Burger in Norwalk losing their stools. Well, not exactly losing, more like they were taken away. Even though the burger joint has its two required parking spaces to qualify as a full-service restaurant, the stools were a violation of some sort.

Really? Are stools that big of an issue? They serve food, people like to sit and eat last time I checked. The City obviously has nothing better to do, since there is no crime in Norwalk whatsoever, and no other government issues. Sense the sarcasm there? I hope so. You think they were sitting around saying, “Hey, let’s take some seating away from a burger joint.” “Sounds like a plan to me!”

The gossipy part of this story that I would like to sound off on is the competition near The Beach Burger, namely Harbor Lights and Overton’s, a Norwalk staple. If they really did complain and had something to do with The City taking away customer seating, I would not be shocked.

Here’s why…

I cannot speak for all Norwalkers, nor am I trying to, but who goes to Overton’s anymore? I went there when I was a kid. It’s not culinary genius. It’s more like get six fried shrimp for eight bucks. Yes, people like their seafood, and they also must enjoy getting ripped off with those outrageous prices. And there is an undisputable fact that their hot dogs and burgers just plain suck. If you think they’re good, you should get out more. Harbor Lights, I can’t say anything. I have never been there. I don’t even know anyone that has.

Once The Beach Burger moved in, I was sure Overton’s would not be happy. Turns out I was probably right. I know many people that have been to The Beach Burger and enjoyed it the way I did when I wrote a review there, and when I went back a week later for more. The Beach Burger’s well thought out burgers and shakes beats anything at Overton’s any day of the week.

It’s clear that some people can’t handle the competition. If you think like I do, I would rather go to The Beach Burger for real food over a place that throws everything in the deep fryer. So maybe there isn’t any competition at all.

Let The Beach Burger run their business. With stools. If not, I would rather stand up and eat a good burger, then sit down at a place I think has crap food.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hear! Hear! If you don't like competition, Overtons and Harbor Lights, then why in the world are you in the restaurant business in Norwalk? Sore losers… Bad kharma… Bad PR…now look what you've started with your whiny crybaby call to City Hall…


  2. Anonymous says:

    i feel bad for the beach burger people. their food is so much better than overtone's ever will be! those overton and harbor lights people are such crybabies that they can't handle some competition. and then theres this new ice cream place right across from Frosty's going up….seriously stop trying to win when you can't, its just hurting your rep more in this town. I'm never going to overtons/harbor lights/that new ice cream place they plan on :p


  3. Andrew says:

    Sign my online petition to bring back the stools on my website at

    We can do this if we work together!!


  4. Anonymous says:

    How sad is it that the BURGER BAR doesn't have customers and wants to blame Overton's / Harbor Lights. Then states that they don't like “competition” and they had their stools taken away. IF your food is so “FANTASTIC” then it would not matter if you have a few stools or not. Right? It seems to me that its BURGER BAR that cant take the competition so they go and post signs in their establishment blaming their lack of customers on Overtons/Harbor Lights. Who's the “cry baby” I THINK THAT WOULD BE THE BURGER BAR! If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen. As for reputations, the BURGER BAR just hurt themselves.


  5. Andrew says:

    Thanks for commenting as always!

    As for competition, I think people will still choose THE BEACH BURGER without a place to sit, not BURGER BAR (That's located near the movie theatre). They certainly have a right to complain, if it happened to any one of us we definitely would be mad.

    I say customers should bring their own chairs. That would be funny.

    Another note on competition, Overton's will be closed for the season real soon. They won't have to worry about The Beach Burger then. At least until they open up in the Sping and cry a little more.


  6. Anonymous says:

    My apologies to the Burger Bar. Meant to say BEACH BURGER.


  7. leo says:

    Both places are good. if you are going to choose for a modest price nice view on front to the ocean so go to Overtons , if you are looking for a cute place (inside but fake) go to Beach burger. about hamburger both are really good , so decide it. Welcome to the competition, and good luck .


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