Skip dessert at your favorite restaurant in Downtown Stamford and have it at Volta

A few weeks back I was on assignment for CBS doing one of my reviews. After finding a parking lot nearby Butterfield 8, where I was reviewing a comedy show and dinner, I noticed a small café called Volta. Now, I’m a sucker for really good gelato so obviously I saw the word “Gelateria” on Volta’s sign. I figured I would stop in after my review if they were open late.

Thank you Gelato Gods. And I really mean that. The best dessert I had in Downtown Stamford in recent years was the crackpie at Market. Well, they are closed now. Disappointing, yes, until I discovered this tiny gelateria and creperia.

Volta is very European looking, clean but elegant, with a friendly staff that will gladly let you sample some of the flavors to help you make a decision. But I am confident that any gelato choice here will not prove to be a bad one.

Usually I would order something classic, chocolate or vanilla, but I was feeling adventurous. I went with the medium sized cup and chose coconut and Oreo. The coconut was creamy with real coconut in it. It actually took me back to my childhood when my Puerto Rican grandmother would split coconuts on the front porch and make an ice cream like substance out of them. Sorry grandma, I have fond memories but Volta’s version was texturally smoother and will bring me back for more. Luckily my grandmother has no idea how to use the Internet to read this.

The Oreo was equally as awesome. Just as smooth as the coconut and very “Oreoey.” Yep, that’s a word now. Can I get the copyright to it?

In addition to gelato, Volta also serves salads, sandwiches, coffees, crepes, fresh juices, and alcoholic beverages.

I will be back at Volta and I urge you all to forget about dessert at the other places and give them a shot. Now I have to try other flavors. But how do I give up on coconut and Oreo? Oh I know…buy the larger cup to put more flavors in. Sounds like the only answer.

Volta Gelateria Creperia
30 Spring Street
Stamford, CT 06901

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