Bob-B-Q’s; New York’s Best Southern Cookin’

So your weekend begins like any other. After sleeping in till 11 you decide to roll out of bed and take a shower. You give a few calls to your friends to see what they are up to. Maybe hit up a place for lunch. I’m sure you get the picture.

Mine began a little differently. I woke up at about 6:30 a.m. Race morning. I was taking on another half marathon. And when I got to the start line that morning I was already craving food and I knew that my energy jellybeans and water were not going to cut it, but it would have to do for the time being. While I ran the race, I thought about what I was going to eat after. Something I commonly do because as a runner, when you run 13.1 miles, you want food right after.

I thought of a few good places that I could go where I could make a pig of myself. At about mile nine, it hit me. I wanted some good old fashion BBQ. Being that I am a fan of the South and Southern cooking, that is usually a tough task in the North and in the tri-state area. As many of you Northerners know, you can’t find good Southern cooking here. And if you do, it’s a needle in a hay stack.

I remembered one place long ago in Shrub Oak, New York. It’s about the next town over from where I live. I ate at the place once before and I didn’t remember if I liked it or not. So I had to refresh my memory. After all, it was probably eight years ago when I was first there. Bob-B-Q’s.

I went home, showered and was off for some BBQ. I pulled into the place, jumped out of the car and made my way to my after race meal. Before I got in I smelled the BBQ cooking. They had a smoker out back which was giving off the scent. I got to the front and ordered my meal. There was so much to choose from. You could get just about anything BBQ you could think of, beef brisket, ribs, burgers, hot dogs, pulled pork, chicken. They even had small side dishes such as BBQ corn, mashed potatoes, and corn bread. You name it. For a small place, the menu was huge!

I had to go with the pulled pork sandwich and a side of fries. It’s what I had been craving since mile nine of my run. They service was great. Real fast and the girl at the counter was very polite. In about five minutes, my meal was ready and she brought it out to me. I took my first bite and I fell in love. It was the best pulled pork sandwich I ever had in the North. And to be honest, some of the Southern places I had gone to had some competition as well. This thing was mouth watering. It was steaming hot, just how I like it. Just the right amount of BBQ sauce where you can enjoy the taste of the pork as well. The fries were just a side, but perfectly crisp. The sandwich was even made Southern style with the slaw on it as well.

So if you have a craving for Southern cooking and you live in the North (preferably Westchester or Putnam County) you have to try Bob-B-Q’s. For ten bucks you can walk away with a perfect pulled pork sandwich, crispy fries, and a soda. Bob, wherever you are, you are a blessing to the north.

958 E. Main Street.
Shrub Oak, NY 10588

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