Charley’s Subs, Not #Winning But Good Enough

Here at Food Dudes, we tend not to talk about restaurant chains, but every once in a while we like to throw up a short blurb about a place. So today I bring you, Charley’s Grilled Subs. Charley’s is that toasted sub joint you can find in malls, especially in the Westchester/White Plains area and in Connecticut at the Danbury Mall, and the location I visited in the Stamford Mall.

Now, I’ve been to Charley’s twice and tried their Chicken Bacon Club (chicken, bacon, provolone, your choice of veggie toppings) and a “Philly Cheesesteak” (steak, onions, provolone, your choice of veggie toppings). I use quotes on their Philly Cheesesteak because honestly, it is far from a real Philly Cheesesteak. Most places can’t stack up to the real thing as it is. See our post here from our Philly trip for the real deal, a Wiz Wit!

Positives about Charley’s…

One is that the meat isn’t microwaved and it is chopped up and cooked on the griddle right in front of you. The meat is fresh. I liked the Chicken Bacon Club better than the “Philly Steak” since the City of Brotherly Love ruined Cheesesteaks for me from here on out. The toasted sub was nice, and I liked it better than Subway. The Food Dudes hate Subway!

A good guilty pleasure here is their loaded fries with cheddar sauce and bacon bits. It feels so good to eat them, but so so bad when you finish. The gym will be your best friend after those fries. And you will want to try a lemonade, it is fresh squeezed and perfectly tart and sweet. Their strawberry lemonade is even better, give it a shot.

I would go back to Charley’s but as for making it a habit, probably not. The only real reason is to fill up my sub card with “hole punches” so I can get a free one.


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