The Rainforest Cafe: An Orlando Hotspot

I had begun the trip I had been waiting for over a year. It was the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend and I was taking on yet another race. This one was the famous 39.3 mile Goofy Challenge. I was on the trip with Rob, my sister, and her fiancé. We were splurging and the plan was to eat some good food. After all, that’s what the Food Dudes are all about. We were in Orlando, probably one of the biggest tourist cities in the U.S.

We started our night in Downtown Disney. There we found a variety of places to eat. From small cafés to a large restaurant that was a riverboat. Many of the restaurants
Had a theme about them. One was devoted to dinosaurs, but with all the choices we had, we had to go with the Rainforest Café. We read about it the night before and it seemed like a pretty cool place to go. It was as described; a rainforest.

We were quite entertained by the restaurants’ atmosphere. There were monkeys in the trees all around us, a group of gorillas sat on rocks in the center, and huge fish tanks surrounded the place. Not to mention the storms every thirty minutes. It really made you feel like you were eating in a rainforest.

The menu had a large variety of stuff to choose from. I had a craving for chicken so I had to go with a chicken sandwich. So I went with the blue mountain chicken sandwich. Rob went with the Tuscan chicken.

The food looked delicious when the waiter brought it out. My chicken sandwich came with potato chips that are made on the spot. Not those greasy brittle kind, but the heavy kind almost similar to kettle chips. It also came with a nice cup of coleslaw. The piece of the chicken was a good size and the bacon was that much bigger. Not flimsy bacon but that thick cut bacon. The bun was that much better. I would have to say that it was the best sandwich bun I ever had with chicken. Overall it was a great chicken sandwich. Though I didn’t taste Rob’s Tuscan chicken, it looked amazing and the mashed potatoes looked flawless.

The Blue Mountain Chicken Sandwich

The Tuscan Chicken

The Rainforest is a great place to eat when you are in Downtown Disney. It’s a great place to take the Family for a themed meal. The prices are great considering its location. I will have to go back the next time I am in Orlando, or I will visit another one of their locations.

Rainforest Cafe – Disney World Marketplace
1800 E Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
(407) 827-8500

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