A True Taste to Fall In Love With At Restaurant Marrakesh

Epcot is probably one of the best places to go when you are in Orlando, Florida. It’s one of Disney World’s best parks of the four to choose from. Everyone knows Epcot as the theme park with the big golf ball and before I had ever gone, that’s exactly how I saw it. I didn’t know what to expect going for the first time. Rob had been there before in the past and described what it is all about. When he told me of all the places to go for food, I was sold.

Just beyond that big “golf ball” there is a whole new world. You have a variety of different countries to visit with a few such as China, Mexico, Germany, France, UK, Canada, and many others. Given our choices, we really wanted to go with something that we never had before. All the others we had tried sometime in our Food Dude’s career. We wanted to bring something new to the table so we decided on Moroccan. While there we dines like Sultans at Restaurant Marrakesh.

Upon entering Restaurant Marrakesh you will notice it looks a little like something from Disney’s Aladdin or a scene from Indiana Jones ala “Raiders of The Lost Ark.” Entering the restaurant you first whined through what is like a small street market with a few shops. Then you enter a beautiful courtyard which is also the grand entrance to the restaurant.

As we entered the main door, we were greeted by the hostess and a beautiful aroma of the food. With no better way to put it, this place was elegant. We traveled through time and ended up in a country far away from home, and the way things looked and smelled, I wasn’t planning on leaving.

Our waitress brought out some bread as we went over the multiple menu items. Even the bread was gourmet. It was brought out steaming and so delicately placed on our plates with tongs. I was starving so I dove right in.

I wasn’t quite sure to go with. I needed something different, something filling. One idea I was thinking about was what they called the Royal Feast, a variety of everything. It included an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. Though the Royal Feast was tempting I went with the lemon chicken, Moroccan style.

As for a little snack before my main course I ordered some Harira Soup, a hearty soup flavored with lentils, tomatoes and lamb. The surprise to this is I never order lamb. In fact, I don’t eat lamb, I hate it, but this soup was what dreams are made of, perfectly hot and full of so many flavors. I even had to get more bread to soak in it. It was the first time I enjoyed lamb. This soup would make a vegan fall in love.

When my lemon chicken came out I was love struck. It not only looked amazing, but it smelled amazing. I was thrilled when the taste matched my previous two senses. The lemon chicken was a braised half chicken with garlic, green olives, and preserved lemon, garnished with a few potato slices. This chicken was truly fit for a Sultan. It was so good; there was nothing left but bones on the plate. I even soaked up THOSE the juices with more bread.

My hunger for something new had been curbed. Not to mention that the service was great. The wait staff was very kind and polite and we got to have a mid-dinner show. During your meal the restaurant has some musicians come out and play in the center, and for the guys, a beautiful bully cancer.

So if you decide to vacation in Orlando and go to Epcot, make sure you show up hungry. I truly recommend stopping by the country of Morocco and grabbing a table at Restaurant Marrakesh. If you are looking for something new and full of flavor, with a side of entertainment, it’s the right place.

For reservations, a sample menu, and a little extra about Restaurant Marrakesh, visit http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/restaurant-marrakesh/

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