Is Tim’s A Philly Fake? Or Has The Wiz Wit Made It To Norwalk?

If I was ever skeptical about a new place, it was Tim’s Philly Steaks. The Food Dudes have been to Philly. We know what the deal when it comes to a “Wiz Wit.” Hell, we even conquered Pat’s and Geno’s, want proof? Check it son

Our fear was that we’ve already had the best cheesesteaks in Philly, but to our delight, a place claiming to chop ribeye, dice onions, smear on the “wiz,” and serve it the same way as the “City of Brotherly Love” opened in Norwalk.

Back to that skeptical thing…I avoided Tim’s at first. I drive past the Westport Avenue cheesesteak joint at least three times a week after a night at the dojo. I wanted to stop in but figured my buddies also wanted to check it out. Cue a hungry Friday night, Damion and I were starving and said, “This is the night for a Wiz Wit!” Or something like that. Whatever.

On the way over to Tim’s, we reflected on the wonderful cheesesteak that Pat’s served up in Philly and wondered if Tim’s could measure up. It was a stretch, but like the lottery slogan says, “Hey, you never know.” We heard whispers that Tim’s gets all his major cheesesteak ingredients brought in from Philadelphia, the ribeye of course, and the bread comes from Amoroso’s Bakery, just like all the famous Philly haunts.

On a Friday night this place had a nice crowd, every table was full and more customers just stopped in for a to-go order. We both went with an eight inch Wiz Wit and fries. When we each said, “I want an eight inch Wiz Wit,” they knew exactly what we meant. My fears Tim’s serving a wannabe cheesesteak were eased by this.

Moment of truth. Philly or typical Norwalk, Connecticut pizza place dry cheesesteak? Result…Philly. Tim’s Philly Steaks, we love you. You took us back to thinking we were Rocky Balboa. The chopped, juicy, tender steak, ala Pat’s, the griddled onions, that Cheez Whiz, oh man, I want one now. The wonderfully messy sandwich (and it is messy, wear dark clothing just in case) is right here in our city.

Tim’s features cheesesteaks in various sizes up to 16 inches! Chicken and veggie cheesesteaks are available as well. Sides include mozzarella sticks, fries, and onion rings. Imagine a Wiz Wit with onion rings on the sandwich. Mmm. Sorry. Prices are comparable to the Philly spots with a cheesesteak, fries, and a drink falling in that $10-$15 range.

To all the negative comments on Yelp, sorry but go to Philly, then come back and talk to us. Stick with your dry, burnt up steak and bread, with that slice of whatever cheese, and keep drinking water to be able to swallow your cardboard sandwich. The folks that know what the deal is will be at Tim’s.

Tim’s Philly Steaks
336 Westport Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06851

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  1. leo says:

    Love the Philly steak yesterday , AWESOME!!! But the owner has to talk with people a little bit more. Anyway he was nice.


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