The Best Chicken Pot Pie in NYC?

You find yourself standing around Grand Central Station waiting for all of your friends. Everyone is coming from all different locations of the city and most likely they are hungry. After all, aren’t you?

It was a cold December evening and I had gone to the city with my brother to celebrate his pre-nuptials. We spent most of that same day walking around New York City just taking in the atmosphere and the positivity of Christmas. After a short visit to Bryant Park, we were heading back to Grand Central to meet up with my brother’s fiancée’s cousin.

We hadn’t eaten a thing all day and after all the walking, it was starting to dawn on us that we needed to eat. It was either that or deal with hunger pains. I needed something filling, something good. We didn’t wait long for the rest of our group to convene but once everyone arrived, it was time to eat, but where? I mean it was New York City. Where in the city were we going to find a place to eat?! At least that’s the way everyone made it seem.

Everyone stood in a circle and clucked and flapped around like chickens trying to figure out where to eat. It was like pulling teeth. C’mon it’s NYC, people. There are easily 20 options per block. So after all the ideas of being thrown around and everyone arguing where to go, my girlfriend stepped up and called out over everybody. “Let’s go to Annie Moore’s!” It was a great place right outside Grand Central Station.

With no more that 100 yards from where we stood, we were at the place. Annie Moore’s is your standard NYC Bar and grill. You walk in, you got your bar area in the front, and in the back is your dining area. It was around 7:30 so the bar wasn’t really pumping.

The last time I was out at a bar and grill all I remembered was Rob getting a chicken pot pie. Since then, it has been on the back of my mind. Once I got the menu, it was the first thing I looked for. Sure enough, there it was. I made my dinner choice in a record setting 8.6 seconds.

The service was quite good. Our waitress had to deal with a table of 8 and she did it in a timely fashion. Every time she passed the table, she refilled our glasses with water. It wasn’t long before our meals came out. Everyone had something different.
My pot pie was just the right size. It wasn’t one of those monstrosities of a pot pie that could feed a family of four, nor was it that banquet TV dinner size. It was just enough to fill me with no leftovers.

The chicken pot pie came out in a medium sized oval bowl topped with a thick flakey crust. It wasn’t like your standard chicken pot pie where the chicken and veggies sit in a pie like bowl topped with a thin pie crust. It was straight chicken and veggies in a bowl. The crust that sat on top was more like an oversized croissant. The chicken was perfect to every bite. It wasn’t dried out or rubbery like some chicken pot pies. It was tasty and the sauce added that extra kick to it. The sauce was a rich thick and creamy chicken broth and was perfect for soaking up with the pie topping.

Overall, the service was great, the prices were very fair, and the food was nothing less than a sure thing. If you ever have a craving for a chicken pot pie, make sure you stop by Annie Moore’s, you can’t go wrong. Great service, great food, and a large bar afterwards to party it up after if you desire. I’ve walked past Annie Moore’s a bunch of times before, and because of this experience, from now on I’ll be walking in.

Annie Moore’s
50 East 43rd Street New York, NY 10017
(212) 986-7826

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