Crispy Goodness Does Exist!

The Peking Duck Grill, it’s pretty much that simple. They serve just about everything you are looking for when it comes to Chinese cuisine. The prices are quite reasonable as well.

My girlfriend and I planned a small trip to the city to meet up with people. I had one of my usual cravings for Chinese food and she recommended a place that was pretty close to where we were and it was authentic. Authenticity is a rarity when it comes to good Chinese food. I don’t mind that dive/hole-in-the-wall kind of place, but when a place says authentic, you want what is advertised; “Authentic!”

She had seen the place before and wanted to try it. For one reason, she heard good things. Well it was time let the opinion come from a person who lives to eat. It was time to go in like a Food Dude.

Peking Duck Grill is a small place, it’s your typical size restaurant you would find in NYC on the average scale. The place was well taken care of and the staff was prompt with seating and taking orders. Upon entering the front door, you are greeted by the hostess with a smile.

Our friends arrived before us, so we were escorted to where they had been seated, right next to a large fish tank. Once we were seated, the waiter came over and took our drink orders. While we waited, I looked over the menu and was quite shocked at the prices. It was definitely affordable, and when you are on a budget, that’s a thumbs up. For an appetizer I had to splurge and ordered both a wonton soup and edamame. I was feeling generous that day so I shared my edamame. It was steamed to perfection and had the right amount of salt. The wonton soup was great as well. I wasn’t expecting such a large helping, but nevertheless, I ate it all with a smile.

The menu was simple and right to the point. It wasn’t one of these menus that you have no idea what you are looking at. If you wanted orange chicken, it said orange chicken. Besides the point, I went with the Chicken Szechuan Style Lemon Chicken.

The food came out and I was the first to dive in. The chicken was beautifully glazed in the sauce with mixed vegetables, garnished with a branch of parsley. What made this dish was the crispiness of the chicken. When have you gone to a Chinese restaurant and ordered some kind of a chicken dish and actually had it served up crispy, the way you expected it? That only happened to me a few times in my life. The first time was from a stand in a mall. This was the only other time. I love my chicken crispy! This dish was crispy, hot, juicy, and glazed to perfection.

Whatever those guys were doing there,they did it right by me. Everything about Peking Duck Grill was up to par by Food Dude standards. Would I visit again? Absolutely! Peking Duck Grill, you just got Food Duded!

Chef Ho’s Peking Duck Grill
1720 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10128
(212) 348-9444 | 348-9445 | 348-9451

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