Melt Mobile Has Officially Started Slinging Sandwiches

Today was the grand opening of the much buzzed about Melt Mobile, a grilled cheese/sandwich food truck which will be the subject of a new Bobby Flay show, and as expected, the line was long. And I mean long. Bobby was in attendance earlier in the day which is part of the reason for the crowd but the other part is because of griddled deliciousness.

Rob and I braved the chilly elements and headed over to Veterans Park where the truck will be parked regularly. The hungry lunch crowd, including us, waited anxiously in line, some people were there for over two hours! Some complained also, but hey, it was their first official day, of course there are kinks to work out. We went there expecting to see the larger menu Melt Mobile posted on their Facebook page with 12 specialty sandwiches, dessert melts, fries, and more but since it was their first day there were four choices:

• Original Melt- Tillamonk Cheddar, gruyere, Monterey Jack, on country whitebread
• The Mademoiselle- prosciutto de parma, gruyere, triple cream brie on cranberry pecan bread
• Meatball 3 Cheese Squeeze- Diana’s meatballs in marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella, pecorino romano, reggiano parmigiano, and fresh basil on Tuscan bread
• Montecristo- herb baked country ham, farm fresh turkey, house cheese blend (cheddar, gruyere, Jack) on Challah bread dipped in French toast batter, deep fried, powdered sugar, with mixed berry preserves
• Add on’s- Applewood smoked bacon, vine ripe tomatoes, caramelized onions, and sautéed mushrooms (extra charge for add on’s)

We ordered two sandwiches, The Mademoiselle and a Montecristo. Both were outstanding. The Mademoiselle’s ($8) shining moment besides the cheese blend and prosciutto was the bread. The cranberry pecan bread gave the sandwich sweetness. Salty and sweet is Charlie Sheen winning in a better way.

The Montecristo (also $8) is my sandwich, actually it is one of my favorites when I can find a good one and Melt Mobile’s version falls under that category. The ham and turkey were fresh and I give them mad props for not going to a deli and giving us boiled ham and chicken roll or something like some places would. I would have a hard time not ordering Melt Mobile’s Montecristo and while the mixed berry preserves were good, I confess to liking good maple syrup with mine. Offering syrup might be a good idea. Yeah? I’m not knocking it though, I dig it either way.

While we were at the truck we overheard the owners saying more menu items will be added soon when things get situated and lines are less insane and let’s hope so because one they left off on this day, The Insanewich, a bacon cheeseburger between two grilled cheese sandwiches sounds like it’s made just for the Food Dudes. We’re also hopeful for the hand cut fries, an Arnold Palmer, tomato soup, and pretty much anything because we’re always down.

Good luck to you Melt Mobile. And good job!

Melt Mobile
Veterans Park/Landmark Square
Stamford, CT 06901
Hours: 11-4
(203) 609-1422
Twitter: @Melt_Mobile

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