Burger Joint’s Seasoning Will Rock Your World!

If there is one thing I know as a Food Dude, it’s burgers. I’ve had all kinds of burgers, so many I lost count especially since becoming a Food Dude, but all I can say, is “I love them.” Being a marathon runner, burgers are on the top of my list of things to eat after a massive run. It was my second 13.1 marathon run held in Corona Park in Queens, New York. From the moment I started this run I knew I was going to need some source of iron upon finishing. The funny thing was, nearly half way through the race, I already had a place in mind.

About a month before the race, I found myself driving through Mt. Kisco, New York, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted something that wasn’t there before, a new food place. It didn’t seam like your typical food place though. It was a normal store front kind of place, but it was the name of it that really caught my attention. Right on the corner of Kirby Plaza and South Moger Avenue, it stood out like a beacon of hope,“Burger Joint.”

As I crossed the finish line, my girlfriend approached me to give me a congratulations. I had replied simply with one word, “Burger.” I knew where I would be going for my iron intake.

About two hours after the race, I found myself there. It was my first time entering the place so I didn’t know what to expect. But when I saw the menu, I knew where I was, this was the next burger place I had to review.

When you walk in, you are greeted by a massive menu plastered on the wall right beside the counter. There is a list of their famous and more popular burgers ready to order. At the top of the menu, you have your basic toppings that you would like to add to your order a more or less “build your own burger” section. This included applewood smoked bacon.

The place itself had an 80s feel to it and I figured the owner must be a musician because of the atmosphere of the place. Hanging from the ceiling were disco lights and all over the walls were music memorabilia and record album covers, not to mention when you order your food, your table number sign is actually a 45 record.

The soda machine here is eye catching and is technology at its finest. It’s a rare digital soda machine with a touch screen, giving you more that 100 choices of soda. Props to them for bringing that bad boy in the place.

Given my options, I had to build my own burger and went with a cheddar cheeseburger with applewood smoked bacon and raw onions. My girlfriend went with their famous sliders, four mini cheeseburgers with their special sauce called Mojo.

The burger was great and perfectly cooked to my liking of medium-well and cheesy, the bun must have been something of their own because I never had anything like it tasting the bun’s sweetness. I bit into the burger and fell in love. I honestly couldn’t tell you how the burger was seasoned or what it was seasoned with, but it was something out of this world. It had the taste that activated all my taste buds. My tongue was in ecstasy with this beautiful creation. I dare any place to season a burger that can do that to you. It was a beautiful thing. I also ordered fries with my burger, and let me tell you, you get your moneys worth. They were that kind of thick cut fries that everybody loves and the pile was enormous. One order of fries is enough for two people.

There was a feeling coming from my gut as well as my stomach that I would surly return to Burger Joint. This place had me at “Burger.” The service was another highlight and the two men working the counter were very nice and polite, we were even approached twice during the meal to make sure everything was acceptable. They even thanked us for coming. It’s time to turn the table on them because Burger Joint, I thank you! Keep doing what you are doing, you will see me again real soon.

Burger Joint
20 South Moger Ave.
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549
Phone: 914-864-2151
Fax: 914-864-2152

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