As Posted on CBS Connecticut: Butterfield 8 and Treehouse Comedy: Dinner with Delicious Humor

If you’re like me, you get bored with the same old dinner and a show. Musicals are fine, but we have all seen the same ones, with the same tunes, that play like a broken record. Good thing I stumbled across something much better that all the cool kids are doing, dinner and a comedy show, presented by Treehouse Comedy Club and hosted at Butterfield 8 in Stamford.

As you walk through Butterfield’s upscale, grown-up looking lounge area, you would have no idea that an upstairs room serves as a venue for comedians on certain weekends, until you get into the room. If you can imagine a comedy club, you think of nothing spectacular, just your basic setup of tables with a lit candle on each, chairs of course, and a bar in the back of the room. The large photos of famous comedians really enhance the vibe that this is the kind of place where a career begins. Autographed pictures from Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Ray Romano, and Jeff Foxworthy hang on the walls to show Treehouse’s rich history in the comedy world.

So sit back, relax, enjoy a show, but get there early for dinner.

Dinner and drinks are available during the stand-up performances but feel free to show up an hour or two beforehand if you do not wish to eat during the show. At Butterfield, there is a Treehouse Comedy special. For $22, you get an appetizer and an entrée, but the menu is limited. I chose to order off the regular menu, forget those limitations.

First up was a plate of chipotle brisket nachos with pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole, and chipotle pulled chicken. While the other toppings are common, the pulled chicken was pleasing, not too spicy, but full of smoky flavor. Before I knew the meat was chicken, I swore it was beef. The perfect coupling for me would be an ice cold beer and these nachos.

For dinner I sampled two items, a pan roasted chicken and Kobe beef sliders. The chicken was served with brown gravy, fresh green beans, and roasted fingerling potatoes. Usually I think chicken is a mistake, this time I was wrong. Butterfield’s version was fork tender, well seasoned with herbs, and had a crisp skin. And if you have never had fingerling potatoes, you should start now.

The Kobe sliders were good. The three mini burgers came with a vinegary lettuce slaw, chipotle aioli, and ketchup for dipping. I wish mine were cooked a little less. When I think of a high quality beef like Kobe, I think medium rare. Butterfield served them more on the medium well side but I was thrilled that they were still juicy and tender. They were fantastic with the aioli alone and with ketchup.

Butterfield offers many different salads, seafood options, delicious sandwiches, and pub classics that are perfect snacks during the show, like fried pickles, Bedford Street Wings, and popcorn shrimp. Prices are moderate as my bill came to $48 including gratuity. The comedy show is extra of course.

Now, I would be remiss if I did not talk a bit about the comedy aspect of the evening. If you are weary, don’t be. Just do it. Will you get made fun of? Yes, it’s a small room, it’s inevitable. The best part is that the room becomes one; you get to know people by being picked on together. On this particular night’s lineup, I reserved tickets for $17.50. The headliner that night was Romont Harris who has been seen on “ComicView,” “Last Comic Standing,” and “Showtime at the Apollo.” Harris had the whole room involved in his act and was hysterically funny, appropriately vulgar, and does an improv finish that will surely crack you up. Do not pass up the chance to see this Philadelphia based comic if he’s in your area.

Take your friends, take your family, they will have a blast. Treehouse Comedy Club and Butterfield 8 is a winning combination is Stamford. I will return for more laughs and more food, and if you experience it once, you’ll say the same.

Butterfield 8
112 Bedford Street
Stamford, CT 06901

Treehouse Comedy Club
P.O. Box 452
Monroe, CT 06468

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