Pizza Jerks Serves Up A Winning Pie

 It was the Food Dudes second trip to the small town of Lake George, NY and yet again I was taking on another half marathon. From the previous year, we had such a great time so we knew we would return, and our return was long awaited. The year before we stumbled upon a small pizza shack down a side road off Canada Street. For those who don’t know, Canada is basically the Vegas strip of Lake George. Pizza Jerks was the place, and with a name like that, it was just rolling out the red carpet for us. This year we planned to go there long before the trip had begun. The memory of Pizza Jerks was nestled in our brains from the year before.

Our first impression of Pizza Jerks is it is a little shack sharing a parking lot with Price Chopper. From the outside it seems like a very small place, maybe just a little bit bigger than a simple stand. Upon entering, you are greeted with not only the smell of pizza, but with an array of colors and a bit of an island theme. The dining room had a rustic, yet tropical look to it. Each wall in the place was a different color and palm trees stood in the back.

 It was food time. For an appetizer, we went with garlic knots and chicken wings. The garlic knots were very satisfying. I have eaten garlic knots before and these were definitely on the list for some of the best. They were inexpensive and you got a good amount.


The chicken wings were tasty as well, cooked to perfection where they weren’t dry. They had a nice glazing to them and just the right amount of moisture. The wings had the perfect amount of parmesan and garlic flavor to them where it didn’t take away from the actual chicken taste, but added that extra zip to them. Needless to say we left nothing but bones on the plate. We easily could have taken on a second helping.


When it comes to true pizza taste, you have to go with a traditional. Doctored up pies are great, don’t get me wrong, but when you are first timers at a place, go with traditional. You don’t want to be scared away. And that’s what we did. We went with a traditional pie, half pepperoni, half mushrooms. It didn’t matter who wanted pepperoni and who wanted mushrooms, because we all dove in and had a little of each. This pie was not too thick but not too thin either. The sauce, cheese, and toppings held up on this NYC style pie.


 Pizzas have a distinct taste. To truly taste the difference, you have to really know pizza. Being Food Dudes, we did. This pizza was rated the best in Lake George on Yelp and other sites and this rating stands true according to us. Pizza Jerks serves up a good pie and tasty appetizers. On top of good food, they have a different selection of craft beers you would rarely find in any pizza place and they also carry Boylan’s sodas. So if you are ever wondering down Canada Street, take a turn down a side road and stop in at Pizza Jerks. Don’t be discouraged by the name of the place, because the people are kind of nice.

Pizza Jerks
59 Iroquois Street
Lake George, NY 12845
(518) 688-4411
Pizza Jerks on Facebook
Twitter: @PizzaJerks

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