Lake George Baking Co. Does it Fresh!

Just down a little side street off Canada Street you will find a small place right on the back corner just before the parking lot shared by Price Chopper and Pizza Jerks.  No quaint tourist town is complete without its little bakery. 
The Food Dudes arrived in Lake George with a bit of a sweet tooth that morning. Out for an early stroll, we stumbled upon something that looked welcoming. At first glance we didn’t think the place was open.  We were there for the annual Lake George Half Marathon and during that time, the season is what you would call “dead.”  Most of the stores were closed and we assumed this bake shop would be as well. 
Our assumptions were wrong and we entered the place and were greeted with a smile.  The server got right to us as soon as we entered.  She was busy making pastries when we arrived. That’s a good sign. Unlike other bakeries where they get their pastries from larger bakeries, Lake George Baking Co. makes their entire product fresh on the spot.  The counter/ordering area is quite small, but the rest of the building is devoted to baking areas and appliances.  
The front counter was chock full of goodies as well. There were many to choose from but I had to go with a traditional carrot cake.  Rob went with the black and white cookie and Andrew went with the eclair. I didn’t need to ask how it was because he didn’t speak while he ate it. It was just him and the eclair and he looked quite happy. My carrot cake was very fresh as well as being moist. It was traditional carrot cake, but what stood out the most was that it was simply…fresh.
If you are ever in Lake George, check out Lake George Baking Co. All of their products are made fresh and will keep you smiling ’til the last bite. 
Lake George Baking Co.
43 Amherst Street
 Lake George, NY 12845
 (518) 668-2002

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