A Hidden Gem in Lake George, Bistro LeRoux

No, not in the lake. Don’t be silly.

It’s no secret that Lake George is a huge tourist attraction every summer. What is kind of a secret is the food. Sure, there are many places to grab a bite, but how good are they really? I’ve had my fair share of decent meals on Lake George’s Canada Street, but being from Fairfield County, I’m somewhat spoiled with the array of quality restaurants around here and if I get bored with my area, I can hop on a train to NYC and get something there. But this time was different. Before the trip, I searched for a restaurant with good ratings and stumbled upon Bistro LeRoux, which ended up being one of the better food decisions of my life.
For tourists, Bistro LeRoux is off the beaten path. After a main drag full of bars, a variety of outlet stores, and other restaurants, we searched for out dinner destination and ended up on a street with virtually nothing, in fact, it was quite residential and farm like. After thinking we may be lost we spotted the yellow sign and a parking lot full of cars. We figured this must be THE place to eat in Lake George among people who know food.
We walked in and felt at home immediately. Mainly because Bistro looked sort of like someone’s home with different themes like a chef’s room, providing a look at the kitchen staff in action; another room displays art for a more date-like setting, a bar area, and where we were seated, the National Parks Room, a room with photos of the husband and wife co-chefs/owners on their adventures of America’s national parks.

The aroma in Bistro LeRoux was killing us, in a good way, and even though I looked at the menu in person and a bunch of times before the trip, I knew what I wanted when I glanced at the chalkboard of specials.
On this particular night the special was salsa verde topped beef tenderloin that rested on parmesan and cheddar risotto with black beans and roasted corn. Tell me you wouldn’t have ordered that! My steak was a perfect medium, tender, well-seasoned, and just what I craved that night. The salsa verde provided just enough spice factor to wake up my taste buds even further. The risotto was creamy and cooked the way it’s supposed to be, al-dente, and I swirled my steak in, on, and around everything on the plate. If they have this special again, take my advice, ORDER IT!
While Rob and I both ordered the special, we were sure to sample some of Damion’s burger and fries. We liked the burger but could not eat our friend’s sandwich, so we snaked a bunch of his fries instead. The fries are listed as an appetizer, try them and you’ll know why we couldn’t stop eating them.

The meal at Bistro was so good we did not want it to end, plus, when your entrée rocks, you have to stay for dessert. Cue the apple tart, served warm with fresh apples, caramel, a light, flaky pastry, with homemade pistachio gelato. The apple tart was sweet and the right amount of hearty without being too much. This dessert lasted about 90 seconds in front of me.
The prices at Bistro LeRoux are quite reasonable with entrées sitting in that $20-$25 range and everything else appropriately priced when compared to other places. One other cool thing is they offer entrées in half portions too. So why not try two different main courses?

Before all else we need to thank the staff for being so welcoming to us on our visit and to  one gentleman noticed us snapping photos and came over to chat with us about food and gave us a little background on the place, so officially…Thank you!
We know this, there will be many more Lake George trips and every time from here on out we will be forever committed to dining at Bistro LeRoux, easily the best restaurant in Lake George and one of the better restaurants I’ve ever visited.

Bistro LeRoux
668 State Route 149
Lake George, NY 12845
(518) 798-2982

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