Stamford’s Bar Q a Cool, Tasty Concept

Being hungry and indecisive about where you eat is very possible. Now, I was in the mood for BBQ, or something (Hey, I said I was indecisive, get off me), but I did not feel like driving. I guess I was a bit lazy too. On one of THOSE days I decided to try a newly opened BBQ restaurant in Stamford called Bar Q. Bar Q is a sister restaurant of Westport’s Bobby Q’s with a bit of a different way of serving up dry rubbed, sauce mopped pork and beef. Bar Q serves it small with a big payoff.
Before entering Bar Q, I checked out their online menu and assumed the menu was incomplete of maybe I missed something. I didn’t see “full rack of ribs” or “six pounds of pulled pork,” I only saw small, affordable portions. I was thinking, “Ok. These are probably appetizers. I will wait until I arrive to look at the menu.” When I arrived it was the same. Then I thought, “This is great!”
Whenever I eat good BBQ it is served in large portions, and I hate to sound like I’m complaining but as good as it is at some places, it can get repetitive. At Bar Q I knew I could try many different menu items and for a BBQ fan and a local reviewer, this place was perfect.

First, let’s talk about price. Bar Q is extremely affordable! The most expensive small plates are just $8! If you’d like to follow my lead, order a bunch of stuff. On this night I tried hush puppies, hot honey chicken & waffles, St. Louis cut sticky ribs, classic pulled pork, beef burnt ends, mac &cheese, and creamy slaw. All that, plus two drinks, and two desserts only ran around $60 not including tip. Reasonable? Oh yeah.
The winners out of all that, the meat. Burnt ends are tough to come by so I had to place that order. They were tender and had good fat marbling, making them juicy, and you could use extra sauce but I kept it original. The pulled pork was good as served but I liked it even more with Bar Q’s tangy vinegar based sauce; I think a pulled pork sandwich is in my future. My ribs were a bit fatty but I did enjoy the seasoning and sauce combo. When I eat ribs I look for two things besides good seasoning, fall off the bone tenderness and if the meat is juicy because dry, jerky-like rib meat is not pleasing. Bar Q’s ribs passed the test!

I should note, I am a sucker for chicken & waffles. The mini version served here were awesome! I ate all but one because I had to share. Sweet and spicy always captures my heart. Next time I’m ordering this twice.
My only knock was the slaw. I know the menu said “creamy slaw,” but I like mine a little less mayonnaise-y. You might like yours that way and think it rocks, I think it’s a preference thing.
In addition to all the BBQ style tapas, if I am permitted to use the word tapas for BBQ, Bar Q has a good craft beer selection (cans and on draft), bourbon, wine, and refreshing summery drinks. Yes, they have sweet tea and lemonade too! At a BBQ joint, sweet drinks are a must!
Bar Q is a great place to have drinks with a group of people, whether it’s out on the patio, or inside in their dining room/bar area. But I’m telling you, when you go, be hungry. What’s better than good drinks, and a bunch of BBQ? Nothing!
Bar Q
15 Clark Street
Stamford, CT 06901
(203) 316-0278
Twitter: @BarQ15
Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11:30 a.m.-1:00 a.m., Friday-Saturday 11:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

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