Burgers, Fries and Ghosts at Cold Spring Depot

Cold Spring Depot (old)

Cold Spring is a small town on the Hudson River tucked away where it is hard to find unless you know where you are going. Or you have a GPS and an exact location as to where you are going.  Cold spring is well known to local tourists, but not the kind of town that someone visiting from Europe would have on their “places to visit list.” Its small size and hard to find location make it more of an unknown place to visit, unlike the small town of Mystic, Connecticut which had a movie to help it out.
Cold Spring, New York played no part in any movies, but plays a big part in the lives of the locals. It is quite popular for weddings and their photos. The town is nestled on a long hill leading down to the Hudson River. At the bottom is where most of the shops and eateries are located. Just at the bottom of the hill are the train tracks and to get to the river, a small pedestrian pass was created to go below ground, bringing you to the opposite side, and also a small pier that extends out to the river.
Cold Spring has a very popular eatery called the Cold Spring Depot and it’s in an odd location. It sits literately feet away from the train tracks, and just about every hour a train comes through making a whole lot of ruckus. 
Don’t be discouraged by the train though. If you have small children, you need not worry because the tracks are blocked off by a 10 foot high iron fence. The odd-ness of The Cold Spring Depot comes with a little bit of history. It sits so close to the tracks because it use to be the old Cold Spring train station. Cold Spring Depot is not a place you would go for a romantic dinner, or if you are the type to be bothered by loud noises, don’t bother, but if you are a history fanatic, food lover, beer drinker, excitement seeker, someone looking for something new and unique, or a ghost hunter, then its the place for you. 
Cold Spring Depot has a little ghost story of a woman who was murdered by her husband and in an attempt to flee her husband, she ran to the tracks to catch a train away from him. Before she could leave, he showed up at the depot and murdered her. It is said that at 10:13 on Wednesday nights, a cold blast of air can be felt in the spot where the women was murdered.
 Aside from the Cold Spring Depot’s entertaining history, they have great food. Because I am the burger guy, I had to go with their burger. It was an eight ounce 100% Angus beef patty on a bun with cheddar cheese, onions, pickles, mushrooms, tomatoes, and smoked bacon.  Angus beef is the best beef by far because it is the best tasting. I ordered my burger medium well and they cooked it to order. Nine out of 10 times I can never finish a burger, let alone an eight ounce burger topped with all sorts of goodies. This burger, I couldn’t bare to waste. At first bite I vowed that I would eat it to the last bite. I was going to clean my plate. It was a challenge, but I did it nonetheless.  
Burger fans, you have to check out Cold Spring Depot. And what burger enthusiast doesn’t like fries? The fries are great also. They are not the plain and simple fries that would come with your burger at an Applebees, but the crispy and flaky kind that crunch when you bite into them.        

Cold Spring is full of awesome antique shops and excellent eateries. It’s a town that’s not well known, but it is a town well worth visiting. The Cold Spring Depot should definitely be on your agenda of places to check out. How often do you get to dine where a ghost hangs out?
Cold Spring Depot
1 Depot Square
Cold Spring, NY 10516
(845) 265-5000

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