How About Hibachi? Okinawa Serves It Up Good

Who doesn’t like Hibachi? You get good food at a decent price and you also get a side of entertainment. I feel I shouldn’t explain, but for the select few who don’t know what hibachi is, it’s Japanese cuisine where you sit around a large grill and you are entertained by the chef who cooks your meal in front of you with a little style and humor. You usually get an enormous amount of food with the entertainment for usually $15-$20 a person. This price typically includes your salad, soup, drink, and main course.  
The place I visited was Okinawa in Yorktown, New York, located in the Triangle Shopping Center. It was my first time there. 

I love hibachi and I’m not sure if it really has anything to do with the entertainment, and even though Okinawa puts on a great show, I just love the taste of the teriyaki chicken and noodles with the hibachi rice and the vegetables.
Every time I go to hibachi, I get the same thing, that same hibachi chicken I mentioned above. It’s usually cheap and filling. Okinawa has a great hibachi chicken to say the least. It’s fresh, tasteful, and appetizing. At the start of your meal you are given a small green salad with a ginger dressing. I love the ginger dressing. It makes the salad. Following the salad (or sometimes at the same time) you get a miso soup. Miso soup is by far my favorite kind of soup. After that, and once the table fills up with other guests, your order is taken and out comes the chef. The chicken comes with sides of hibachi rice and fried noodles with vegetables. The hibachi rice is not your usual rice. Its not pork fried, but egg fried. The chef blends a scrambled egg in the mix, adding so many flavors. The noodles are made with a light teriyaki sauce as well and the helping is huge. It’s mouthwatering as you sit at the table and watch the chef cook it up your meal, especially when you have the whole place filling with the aroma of hot food.  
Most of the hibachi places I go to are quite the same when it comes to taste and quality, but Okinawa takes first place for me because of location, and friendly chefs. I have eaten at hibachi places where the chef seemed like he didn’t want to be there, and was just cooking our meal to get the day over with, but Okinawa has very entertaining chefs who really get into their work and throw the food around. You can try and test your skill in catching some chicken or broccoli pieces in your mouth too. 

So if you are looking for some dinner with a side of entertainment, check out Okinawa in Yorktown. It is a great place, well priced, and they serve you up a big meal. So big, you may have to take some of it home. 

Okinawa Yorktown
48 Triangle Center
Yorktown Heights, NY10598
(914) 962-8188

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