Tired of the Same Old Breakfast? Me too! Until I (Finally) Discovered Valencia Luncheria’s Morning Menu

I’m not a Valencia newbie by any means, but when it came to their breakfast I was a rookie. 

Anyone that REALLY KNOWS ME knows I am crazy about Valencia Luncheria. It is my favorite place to eat in my hometown of Norwalk, Connecticut. Believe this, I was beyond thrilled when they moved a few doors down to bigger, and newer digs. If there was ever a place that needed it, it was Valencia. Have you ever tried to go there during prime time dinner hours on the weekends? Insanity!

I didn’t check out the new spot right away but did go for something I’ve never experienced at my favorite place before, breakfast. I ended up going, again (not a complaint), when my mom was in town from Florida. She wanted to treat me to breakfast and suggested a diner to which I replied, “No way man.” Instead I recommended Valencia. I had taken her there once for lunch on a previous visit and figured I really need to scope out the breakfast situation.

What on Earth took me so long?! I was actually mad at myself for not doing this sooner, especially after hearing a few rave reviews from one of the other Food Dudes, Rob. I saw the menu and wanted it all which is typical with me and Valencia. Arepa?! Oh I wanted like three but no, something different. The Morning After, a breakfast sandwich with egg, bacon, avocado, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo? No. But only because I craved spice. Then I spied the Red Smitty, a wrap filled with egg, cheese, chorizo, and their wonderfully flavorful and spicy chipotle sauce.

Decision made. And man, was I happy. The chorizo and the chipotle sauce really woke up my taste buds, but the spice didn’t overwhelm, even though I certainly felt it. I was still able to taste the egg and cheese. Truthfully, this would be my perfect hangover food. Try it and you’ll be hooked!

I even had room to scoop up some of my mom’s ham, cheese, and spinach omelet which came out fluffy and come on, who doesn’t like a good omelet? The omelet came with rice and black beans and a handful of spicy home fries that I just kept reaching over the table for. Don’t get me wrong, she loves Valencia too, but that omelet and its sides are a nice sized portion, and I sure didn’t mind pitching in to finish it. To wash down all the spice, and those that know me should have already assumed what my beverage was, Mango Iced Tea. I always order it and love that I can sweeten it up with simple syrup, then chew and suck on the sugar cane stalk afterwards.

Valencia’s breakfast menu has a lot to offer, egg sandwiches, arepas, many different types of omelets, wraps, and even pancakes and French toast. And what’s even better, you and one guest can easily get out of there with a $20 bill.

Now, just a bit about the new place…LOVE IT! Bigger, more open, same vibe as the old place with plantains ripening on the windowsills, same friendly staff, but I am loving the addition of the serving of alcohol and the bar area. You must go check it out! But don’t just go at night for dinner or during the day for lunch, try the breakfast and please, tell me I was right.

Valencia Luncheria 
164 Main Street 
Norwalk, CT 06851 
(203) 846-8009

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