Best. Nuggets. Ever.

Ah, to be a kid again. Remember when you’d eat the same stuff over and over again as a child? Hot dogs (no bun) with ketchup, fries, pizza, cereal, and chicken nuggets. Even if this doesn’t apply to you, c’mon, I’m on the right track and you know it’s true. But no one said you had to stop eating that stuff, especially nuggets. Scratch that. Especially Garden Catering’s nuggets.
When Garden Catering stormed into Norwalk, nuggets in tow, I was beyond thrilled. While I wasn’t one of the first to break the doors down, I was there on the third day. Hey, I was busy. Give me a break.
On that third day, nuggets, it was all about nuggets, fries, and that seasoning. For all you Garden Catering pros out there, that’s called “The Special,” ($7) a half pound of chicken nuggets, a pile of fries, and a soda. Man, listen, forget childhood, these things are better than anything you got as a kid; I don’t care what you say. These nuggets are tender and all-white meat with a thin, crispy exterior.

The fries with their nuggets are great too but Garden’s “Cones” are also a hit. You can order, “The Special” with “Cones,” which are basically mini deep-fried mashed potatoes, in cone form. Either way you won’t be disappointed. 
But please, when an employee at the counter calls you up and asks if you want seasoning, at least get a little. That nugget/fry seasoning would make a thin piece of wood taste good. I have no idea what’s in it, I could make a few guesses, but they’d never tell me anyway.
If a half pound of nuggets and fries it too much, order the Junior Special ($5), if it’s not enough go with the Big Boy ($9) which comes with an extra quarter pound of nuggets and more fries, or if you’re a flat-out beast go with The Boss ($11), a pound of nuggets and extra fries. Garden Catering is so nugget-centric that they even have a Nugget Points membership card which earns you free food, gift certificates, and Garden Catering swag including a t-shirt and a tie.
Before you think Garden Catering is just about nuggets, you’re wrong! They also do breakfast sandwiches, wraps, burgers, hot dogs, hot & cold sandwiches, salads, fried chicken & fried shrimp, and a bunch of good sides. And if you’re a chili lover like I am, grab a container of Hotsy’s chili. I got one to go and tried a spoonful at home and lost my breath for a second. Just the way I like it! It was even better on my hot dogs the next day.
Thank you, Garden Catering, for coming to Norwalk, I plan on eating lots of nuggets and some other stuff too. As a matter of fact, I want, no, I NEED some nuggets really soon. I’m thinking about the Big Boss or even that Nugget Wrap, that thing has Food Dudes written all over it. See you soon!
Garden Catering
314 Westport Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06851
(203) 957-3222
Twitter: @gardencatering

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Andrew, I really enjoyed reading this piece, my mouth was watering just thinking about the chicken nuggets. I love living in Florida, but the food up north is the very best. I will be sure the next time I am in Connecticut, to satisfy my taste buds, by visiting this restaurant. Thanks for the great story.


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