The Boathouse: Just Incredible!

st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } I hadn’t been to Wildwood, New Jersey in a long time. It had been so long that I hardly remembered being there many years before. I was taking a mini vacation with my lady with a few things planned.  One thing I knew that this place had to have some good eateries. It was the most popular tourist place on the northwest coast. Oh yeah, and I planned to pop the question to my now fiancé.

We were in our hotel room looking over a book with the local restaurants and there were multiple options to choose from but since we were on the shore, I suggested seafood. We mulled over a few places but she was hesitant due to prices of meals. I told her not to worry because today was a special day and there would be a reason to eat at a fancy place. She was going to call and make reservations for around 7:30 p.m., but I insisted that she make it for around 8:30 because  I had something in mind. 
She listened and long story short, we found ourselves on the beach around sunset and I found myself on bended knee with a ring. It all made sense to her as to why I wanted the reservations to be at the time I suggested and why I wanted to go to a fancy place. That place was The Boathouse, an upscale restaurant with a wonderful selection of dishes.  
As with any dinner, we got bread with olive oil for dipping. The bread came out fresh and warm, not to mention it had bits of mozzarella melted on the top. As an appetizer I let her choose because it was her lucky day getting a ring and all, and she made a damn good choice. She ordered the coconut shrimp with raspberry dipping sauce. The little guys came out real hot, but that’s the best way, and once I bit into it, I knew I could never go anywhere else for coconut shrimp. To have an idea of how good these coconut shrimp were, every time we went to a place that had them, I refused to get them because The Boathouse’s version won me over. They were so good I’m still talking about them.
For my main meal I was going all out, money was no issue. I knew what I wanted even before I walked in the place. I was getting the Surf and Turf. Not only that, I upgraded my filet Mignon from a 6 oz to an 8 oz and ordered it medium rare. That’s how you have to order a good steak. My fiancé went with the Maryland style crab cakes.  
We toasted to our engagement and drank down our free wine. Free because we got a coupon from the restaurant guide. Moments later our food came out. I tried a piece of her crab cake and boy was it amazing. They came out in two perfect cake molds, fresh and easily the best crab cakes I had ever eaten. These crab cakes had the option of being broiled or fried. She went with broiled which was what I believed to be the better choice. The crusting on top was just right where it was a little brown but not burnt or hard. Her dish came with a side salad and two additional sides.  She went with the roasted red bliss potatoes and the vegetable du jour which was caramelized carrots.
Now for my dish. What a heaping of food it was and a beautiful sight at that. One 6 oz lobster tail and an 8 oz filet Mignon. What more could a Food Dude ask for on his night of engagement?  I love my seafood and I love my filet mignon nice and juicy. This dish had it all. Not to mention the melted butter for the lobster tail was so delicious. The lobster tail itself was incredible. I have been to places where the lobster tail was like rubber, not this one, it was as fresh as the morning catch. I also went with the side salad and the same two sides as my fiance. I didn’t think I had it in me to clean my plate, but if I had cleaned it any more I would have eaten the shell from the lobster tail.  This was the first time I ever went with surf and turf at a restaurant and now I am officially turned on to it. My plate was seasoned, but not in excess. I heard that a good steak should never be overly seasoned. The Boathouse did a great job at this. That dish was worth what I paid. The surf and turf was the most expensive dish on the menu with the upgrade to the 8 oz filet costing a total of $44. Most of the dishes run around the $25-$29 dollar range, but it’s well worth it.  
The Boathouse also has great service with kind hosts, waiters, and waitresses. They bring out your food in a timely fashion and the place itself has an elegant yet comfortable feel to it.  Need I say more? Just look at the pictures. There is a reason this place was on the first page of the restaurant guide.

The Boathouse

506 West Rio Grande Avenue
Wildwood, NJ 08260

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