Philly Cheese Steaks In Wildwood, NJ Are Real Deal

Just for fun Imagine that you are in North Carolina and you see a pizza place with a sign out front that says New York style pizza. Chances are, the place is probably full of crap and using that as a marketing ploy. How about If you are in Boston, Massachusetts and you stumble upon a place that’s says real southern BBQ. I’m sure you can find BBQ in Boston, but southern? 
If I were to tell you I was a little skeptical about Tony Luke’s, I would be lying. I was fully confident that Tony Luke’s was going to be something spectacular. I read all the reviews, and heard some of the stories. 

Tony Luke’s is a famous Philly cheesesteak place originating from, well, Philadelphia. As you know the Food Dudes love our cheesesteaks. But a Philly cheesesteak in New Jersey at the Jersey Shore? Was this possible?  I had to find out.
It was a rainy afternoon on a day during vacation with my fiancé and we were trapped indoors from torrential downpours. We managed to squeeze in a morning beach visit, but were forced back to the hotel by rain. I guess it happened just in time though, because it was lunch time and I was starving and craving a Philly cheesesteak. I knew Tony Luke’s was just around the corner since I researched eateries before the trip.
Tony Luke’s is pretty smart with their set up. The ordering station was just as it would be in Philadelphia, and much like the concept at Pat’s and Geno’s. One window is to order, the other, to pick up. The dining room was inside like a giant lanai. This was perfect due to the rain.
We parked the car and we got up to order. I knew what I wanted right away buy my fiancé had to look over the menu. I wanted to test the place so when I got up, I asked the lady if I was allowed to say “one whiz wit.” She laughed and said she was from Philadelphia. We placed our orders and waited for our food to be up. I even ordered a side of cheese fries.
It was time for food, and once we got it, I couldn’t resist diving in and making myself look like a beast. I was surprised my fiancé didn’t take off her brand new engagement ring and throw it in my face. The steak was shredded and heavy. It was saturated in whiz and onions and it was messy as messy could be. It was everything I dreamed it would be. Every bite was as good as the next.  It was like I was transported back to Philadelphia. 
The fries were basic fries, but still amazing. It was the cheese that but them over the line of plain to simply delicious. My fiancé actually took the fry cup from my plate and ate half of them. The nerve. 
That’s the kind of thing you like to see, a restaurant that backs their food when they say “real” because Tony Luke’s is real Philly cheesesteak and a damn good one at that. I was so happy to have fixed my craving for the sandwich, but writing this review is making me crave another.

Tony Luke’s
6200 New Jersey Avenue
Wildwood Crest, NJ 08260
(609) 770-7033
Visit for more information and for other locations

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