The Food Dudes Top Choices at the Big E

The Big E is ridiculous. Ridiculously delicious! For some time now I’ve been making the trip up to West Springfield, MA every September to attend what I know is the best festival in the Northeast. A family friendly festival, The Eastern States Exposition is all about celebrating THIS area’s states with Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine all represented to the fullest by showing off what they’re known for.
In addition the Big E is just flat out fun! This year’s entertainment lineup is a good one with the likes of comedian Jeff Dunham and live music from Alan Jackson, Hot Chelle Rae, and Rodney Atkins. And if you think the entertainment is all music, you’re so wrong. Also features are all types of parades, horse shows, rides, games, shopping, and demos like butter sculpting, sheep shearing, and many other agriculture events that I will not pretend to know about. Honestly, the easiest way to say this is…The Big E has so much you cannot possibly see it all in one day!
But more than anything and the reason why THIS is on Food Dudes is for the food, baby!
Here are the top five things you must eat and check out at the Big E:

1. Those famous cream puffs and eclairs. I’m already plotting how many of each of those “packed with cream,” fresh baked bad boys I’m taking home. Believe this, both are a Big E staple. I don’t want to know how many calories are in them and I don’t want to ever know.

2. I always kick off my Big E morning at the Avenue of the States. The states I mentioned above are all sort of condensed into one house each. For example, you go into Vermont’s building and boom, cheese, maple syrup, and so on. Get the idea? Good. Tip: Get there early because the state houses have the tendency to get crowded.

3. So I mentioned the state houses…I have my first meal of the day in Vermont’s state house at American Flatbread. I get it every year and I want to call it “pizza” but it’s not, it’s flatbread, and good flatbread at that. It’s crispy, light, and made with all organic ingredients, then baked in a hand-made wood-fired oven. I usually devour a full sized all by myself. I am not ashamed either. Tip: They’re typically right next to the Long Trail Brewery, so pizza, I mean flatbread and beer, do I even have to tell you what to do?

The American Flatbread folks setting up

The finished product!

A beer to pair with the flatbread at 11 a.m. on a weekday. Don’t judge me!

4. You could get carnival food, it’s everywhere, but I’m stickin with the Avenue of the States, I’m going to Maine for a baked potato! The line for these baked potatoes can get legen, wait for it…dary! But don’t be a wimp and tell them to hold any ingredients, get ‘em all! For all you non-potato heads, Maine also has lobster rolls, smoked salmon, and “Wicked” Whoopie Pies.

5. Now, you know there had to be something so over-the-top, right? If there was ever something made for the Food Dudes the Craz-E Burger is that thing. Nothing fancy. But it screams gluttony and you just cannot pass up a bacon cheeseburger on a lightly toasted glazed donut! I’m not proud to have eaten one but I had to do it, and I hate myself for saying this but I’d do it again dammit! The Craz-E Burger is quite popular and pretty freaking delicious!

That’s the list! What are some of your Big E favorites?
The Big E goes on from September 14-30, 2012. For more information including ticket prices, schedules of events, maps, directions, and more visit their website at

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