Pier House: Cape May’s Diamond By The Beach

It was another night in Wildwood, NJ and my fiancé and I found ourselves looking for another good place to eat. I kept on saying that because I was on the water, I wanted seafood. For some reason, being on or near the water sparks my craving for seafood. My fiancé didn’t really much care what she had, as long as it was good food and a good place to go.
Earlier that day we were on the beach and her mother called to give a few suggestions. We had a list of popular places so we tried to call them back at the hotel room. Long story short, all the places didn’t answer their phones when we called to make reservations but we were in Wildwood during its most popular season. If we didn’t make reservations we were not getting in anywhere.
Finally after weeding through a whole mess of possibilities, we stumbled upon a beautiful little place in Cape May, NJ called Pier House. Cape May is just south of Wildwood for those of you who don’t know, about a five minute drive. The Pier House was directly across the street from the beach which I thought was great and was located in a fancy part of town.
Because of its location, I was a little afraid of what this place was going to cost us. It seemed like a real high end place and a bank breaker. Once we got to the front patio, we saw there was a menu right out front in a glass casing. I made a quick glance, but wanted to leave room for surprise when I was seated and looking over the menu.

We didn’t get to see much of the place, but from what we saw, it was beautiful. We were seated in the bar area next to large bay windows looking over the beach. It was a perfect view too because we were raised up. 
As traditional, we received a basket of bread while we looked over the menu. There was a bottle of olive oil already waiting on the table for us so I couldn’t resist and dove right in. Another place that brings their bread out still hot. The prices were not as bad as I had expected though. I guess you could say they were pretty fair considering it was Cape May. The waiter returned and we placed our order.  
 I was fixing my crave for seafood and went with a lobster bisque as my appetizer and for my main I was going with the Alaskan salmon with mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes, and shiitake mushroom sauce. My fiancé went with a house salad as her appetizer and homemade pasta with chicken for her main.
 As much as I love seafood and as much as I have eaten it in my lifetime, I never recalled eating lobster bisque. This was my first time and I just fell in love. It was so tasty I couldn’t help but to pick the cup up and drink the remainder of the soup. There were big chunks of lobster in the soup that I first fished out when I received it and ate the first. Then I just took town the soup like a champ. 
When my main meal came out, I had to take a picture. I made a joke saying how I didn’t even want to eat the fish because the presentation was so spectacular. It looked like something from a food magazine. It was perfectly centered on the plate, but let’s be honest, that didn’t much matter because I was going to destroy it. The fish sat center on top of mashed potatoes, asparagus and lettuce and atop the fish was the shitake mushroom sauce and the fish itself was lightly seasoned. Once I bit into it I couldn’t stop. It was hot and juicy and great till the last bite.  
 I even sampled a small piece of my fiancé’s chicken and pasta and that came out great as well. Her dish was homemade pasta with chicken and sausage topped with shredded mozzarella, chopped chives and carrots. I tried a small piece of the chicken, but that was enough for me to say that the dish was great.  
 I was very pleased with my experience at the Pier House. The service there was excellent and our waiter was kind. They were very prompt to seating us, taking our order, and bringing out the food.  They frequently checked in on us and my fear that the prices were going to be outrageous was washed away when I saw the menu. For a more of a high end place, Pier House is very reasonable.  My fiancé and I both agreed that we would definitely return, but in hopes of a less rainy day so would enjoy the seating outdoors.  
 1327 Beach Ave.
(Beach & Pittsburg)

Cape May, NJ 08204
Tel: 609-898-0300

From 8:00 am

From 12:00 pm


From 5:00 pm

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