Beer Chat: Brooklyn Fiat Lux

You know what? The Food Dudes are going to start talking about beer. We drink plenty of it, for your benefit. Kidding, mostly for ours, and because we love craft beer. Most of these posts may be from Ginger Man, since that’s our usual haunt, and others, but this is about the brew.  This may be the beginnings of a column, we don’t even know yet, but we may as well kick it off with a beer from our favorite brewers, Brooklyn Brewery.
Recently I was at, you guessed it, Ginger Man in SoNo, and checked another Brooklyn beer off my list, their Fiat Lux. Fiat Lux is a Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster’s Reserve and a wit bier (that’s wheat beer for you rookies). I did not pair this beer with food but according to the experts at Brooklyn Brewery, it goes great with everything, burgers, fish, BBQ, and especially goat cheese.
I was busy trying to figure out the spice to later find out it was coriander. I did however notice the citrusy hints of lime. The hops are a blend of those from the Pacific Northwest and Germany. I found the Fiat Lux at just 6.1% alcohol by volume, easy to drink and would certainly order it again. But you might want to get moving on trying Fiat Lux it since it’s only available from August-October on draft only.
Visit Brooklyn Brewery online at to learn more about Fiat Lux and other brews.

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