Bridgeview Tavern Knows How to do it BBQ!

Has it ever happened to you where one of your friends goes to a really great place to eat and they keep telling you about it and how amazing it was? They get into detail on how great their pulled pork was and how much they give you. Well,that happened to me. My fiancé and her father went to lunch a while back and they went to a place called the Bridgeview Tavern located in Sleepy Hollow, NY.  I’m not sure what she got then, but I know she ended up trying their pulled pork. Well she knows that I love BBQ and I love pulled pork. So I guess what she was really doing was rubbing it in on how she got to experience this place and I didn’t.
Well it was time for my ship to come in. It was time for me to see what all the fuss was really about.  Was this place as good as she proclaimed? Was I going to fall head over heels for their BBQ pulled pork sandwich? 
We were handed menus, but let’s be honest, I didn’t have to look it over, I knew what I wanted. I heard all the rave about the puled pork so why pass it up? It would be a contradiction to have come and not even order that. That’s why I was there in the first place.
As an appetizer we ordered the vegetable egg rolls. My fiancé had them last time she was there and they proved to be good. I agreed. The waiter brought out three standard size egg rolls and she and I each had one, we split the third. The vegetable egg rolls were real tasty and flakey. I am use to the pork egg roll you get at a Chinese restaurant, so these were a lot different from what I was used to.
So it was time for the big deal. The reason I was there. It was now or never. I was face-to-face with a massive pulled pork sandwich. First impression: no way I was going to finish this in one sitting.  Second impression: this is a damn good looking sandwich.  I grasped the sandwich with both hands and began the consumption process. The pulled pork was well smoked. You could taste it and it was saturated in BBQ sauce and that’s how I love pulled pork. I exclaimed that it wasn’t like southern pulled pork, but it was a great sandwich. As predicted, I wasn’t able to finish it, but no matter, I wound up taking it home.
The sandwich also came with a side of fresh crispy fries and a small cup of coleslaw, all of which were consumed. I support all the rave that goes on about Bridgeview Tavern’s pulled pork sandwich.  It’s tasty, messy, and delicious to the last bite. I would know because I had the rest of the sandwich for lunch that following afternoon. 
Bridgeview Tavern has many other options on its menu aside from the pulled pork. If you are visiting Sleepy Hollow, NY, Bridgeview Tavern is a good place to check out, but get there early because the place is pretty popular.
Bridge View Tavern
226 Beekman Ave
Sleepy Hollow, NY

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