Oktoberfest in Norwalk!

September 22, 2012 marked the start of this year’s German based celebration, Oktoberfest.
Oktoberfest includes a lot of different things including live music, dancing, and has actually, in the present day, turned into an amusement park of sorts. Even though all that stuff is great, we’re here for German food specialties and beer, many of you will agree that’s the best part of this 16 day festival.
I would like to be able to tell you that this post is coming at you from Munich but that’s not the case because believe this, if the Food Dudes ever invade Germany there is a great chance we’ll get caught up eating so much pork and drinking beer by the keg, so why the hell would we come back? All possible kidding aside, we were able to get a taste of Germany right here in Norwalk, CT at our favorite beer bar, the Ginger Man. 
Through the end of Oktoberfest (running through October 7), Ginger Man will feature four Oktoberfest draft beers Paulaner, Spaten, Hacker-Pschorr, and Hofbräu HB; all are from the only four large breweries allowed in the actual Oktoberfest celebration in Munich. You can bet we were all over it. Actually, on the first night of Oktoberfest, Ginger Man had a special, you buy an Oktoberfest inspired mug for $5 and you get $5 refills so that became the plan many times over. I went with the Hofbräu all night, one of the lighter of the four brews and was extremely easy to drink with its sweetness. In addition to the classic Oktoberfest beers, Ginger Man also has lots of American seasonals and a nice selection of pumpkin ales. 

So food had to be included, right? Oh yeah. Ginger Man is running German food specials during Oktoberfest. Now, guys never like to admit to splitting a meal, but this time we had to. One of the specials was a mixed grill ($20); grilled bratwurst and knockwurst, two nice sized slices of smoked pork loin, homemade grain mustard for dipping, and a side of warm German potato salad with a bit of bacon. And to think, I almost ordered this just for myself. I was full just splitting it with Damion! All the meat was cooked perfectly and the smoke really came through in the pork loin. The potato salad was on point too. We even ordered a pretzel ($6), and trust me, their pretzels rock on a daily basis, but this one, for Oktoberfest, came with beer cheese for dipping. Before we knew it, we were stealing some of Damion’s fiancée’s fries and dipping them in the cheese after our pretzel was gone.
If smoked meats and sausages aren’t your thing, the Ginger Man has a bunch of specials to choose from like sauerbraten, bratwurst, schnitzel, and even a burger with grain mustard, ham, Swiss, and an onion ring on top. 
I’m definitely going back for more Oktoberfest specials! Hope to see some of you there! And before I forget…
Glücklich Oktoberfest!
The Ginger Man

99 Washington Street
South Norwalk, CT 06854
(203) 354-0163
Twitter: @GingerManSoNo

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