The Food Dudes Philly 2012 Foodie Intro

So we went back. We also ate, a lot. 
Each of us will tell you the same thing about Philadelphia, we love that city. On a four-day getaway that involved a classy hotel with amazing views of the city, multiple trips to parks and museums, a ghost tour, and even us taking part in dragonboat racing (look it up if you want to understand), we hit our fair share of restaurants. Some were repeat places like Pat’s King of Steaks, Monk’s Café, and a plethora of good eateries at the Reading Terminal Market including Chocolate by Mueller, Miller’s Twist, Bassetts, and many other familiar stops. 
We did stop at some place we’ve never been to before like Philly Cupcake, Max Brenner, Sang Kee Peking Duck House, Spataros for cheesesteaks, and two of our stranger reviews, some dude with killer breakfast sandwiches at a nameless truck, and we did something a bit off the wall, we ate and shot a video of us eating a chocolate covered onion at the previously mentioned Chocolate by Mueller. Take that Andrew Zimmern! 
After all that, I’m still wondering how I got stuck with a couple of dessert reviews. Wait, does the onion count as dessert? 
Either way, this is just a prelude. Be ready for awesomeness.

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