FulPhilling Our Sweet Tooth

With all the cheesesteaks and meats in Philadelphia, the Food Dudes were clearly on an all-beef diet for the second straight year, but every once in a while we develop a sweet tooth.
First, let’s take it back a bit.
We weren’t in our room much, as fantastic as the Loews Hotel was, we had a lot planned with not much down time. The only chill time we had was during Damion’s amazing feat in the Philly Half Marathon. Rob and I decided we wouldn’t be outdone and went to the hotel’s gym for some “cleans.” You’ll either know what those are or you need to step up your gym game. After a workout, people tend to get hungry, we are no different. We decided to explore the area near the hotel a little, plus I needed to write and find a protein smoothie so Starbucks it was!
Now that we were proud of ourselves for having something healthy it was time to ruin a good gym session. Earlier on the trip I noticed a tiny cupcake shop about 100 feet from the hotel called Philly Cupcake and made a note of it. Well folks, this was the morning to indulge in a guilty pleasure, plus, Rob and I justified having a cupcake by saying, “I’m sure Damion may want something after his race. We should bring him back one,” because that made it OK.
As soon as the doors cracked we marched into this quaint, pink bake shop and were in cupcake heaven! Cabinets, cabinets full of all types of cupcakes. This was either a giant dollhouse full of cupcakes or a dream. I saw carrot cupcakes, plain chocolate and vanilla, cupcakes with sprinkles and cool decorations, cookies and cream, red velvet, and some I don’t even remember clearly because I froze up in some sort of happy freak-out. I have no idea how I even managed to order my go-to, a red velvet cupcake (two actually, one for the runner).

We went back to our room and it was total destruction. I ate this incredibly moist red velvet cupcake in three bites. Philly Cupcake’s red velvet wasn’t too chocolaty like some places that get overly anxious with the cocoa powder. Their version was just right, and melted in my mouth, pure perfection. I easily could have just eaten plain cake but their cream cheese frosting complimented the cupcake well. It was sweet, homemade (of course), and had the right amount of frosting to cake ratio. I have eaten lots of red velvet but this one was tops and it was so good that I’d like to sit around with a bowl full of the raw batter and a giant spoon.
I made a promise to return right before we made the short journey back to Connecticut and now I have a dozen regrets. I am angry at myself for not going back to Philly Cupcake to take 12 home. I wanted to try so many of their flavors and I still think about that red velvet cupcake even a month later…Until next time Philly Cupcake, until next time, and if you’re ever in Philadelphia, don’t do what I did, go back and get more!
Philly Cupcake

1132 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 625-4888
Philly Cupcake also has gluten free, sugar free, and vegan options available. And they even have treats for dogs!
Cupcakes sell for $3 or $4 each.

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