The Food Dudes and the Case of the Unknown Breakfast Truck

One of my favorite meals of the day? Breakfast! I love morning food. So when I woke up on our first morning in Philly, I needed something and I needed it fast. Andrew researched a bit about places we were planning to visit and one in particular was the famous LOVE Park. The park is a very popular tourist attraction in the Center City area of Philadelphia, right next to city hall.  

LOVE Park is well known not just for its fountain and iconic LOVE sign.  It has a reputation for being a skate park but also for its many food trucks that are there on occasion. If you know anything about us, it’s that we love our food trucks. It’s different, its original, and you can always count on having something new.
We forgot a small factor about LOVE Park food trucks though, they start at 11 a.m. just in time for lunch, only it was 10 a.m. and I wasn’t sure I could wait, I needed breakfast. Luckily there was a strip of small food trucks just across the street from the park, right in front of Temple University. We walked down to check a few out. Some looked pretty appetizing. Then we stopped at a truck and I saw they had what I was craving. Breakfast sandwiches!
Now this may be the first time I ever do this, but I had to give this truck a shout out…but the only problem was it had no name. Yes, I actually reviewed a place with no name. I couldn’t begin to describe how you would locate this one truck in particular. For starters it’s not actually a truck, but a cart that is pulled by a truck. Any other identifying features? Well it has an umbrella. That’s all I got for you.  To get there, find yourself on the corner of JFK Blvd and N 15th street. Walk down N 15th street and just past TD Bank is this truck and it’s the first one.
So we go up to the cart and see that the prices are extremely reasonable. We could walk away with a full breakfast for five bucks. Little did we know it was only going to get better. I ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich with salt and pepper. The cook threw a few eggs in a bowl, mixed them up and pored them onto the grill. He then took about eight pieces of bacon and threw them on with the eggs. For sure he must have misunderstood me. Maybe you’re thinking I ordered for Rob and Andrew as well. Nope! All that was for just one sandwich. Did he think I was a body builder and was heading to the gym for my daily workout? No way, no one would make that mistake. That’s just how he makes them. This sandwich could have easily been split between two people. 

Typically you would stand in line at some places but you pretty much just walk up to the truck and tell the dude what you want and he makes it. Rob found that out the hard way after a few people ended up just walking to the truck’s counter and ordering before him, and he was there first! Typical Rob.

We took our breakfast and headed back to LOVE Park where we could enjoy our sandwiches. This sandwich was more than what we expected. I should explain how it was actually on a wedge too, not a roll like you would normally get at other places, this was similar to the roll the cheesesteaks come on. You even have the option of getting it with ketchup or Sriracha. This was a great sandwich and a great bargain, period. Instead of me constantly boasting about this truck, I’m going to say, “Just go to the truck.”
Get your breakfast and enjoy it at LOVE Park. And if you are there taking pictures and if you so happen to be approached by a man with a sales pitch “Y’all want one togetha?” Let him take a picture of you at the LOVE sign/sculpture, and throw him a buck. He actually has decent camera skills.

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