Sang Kee: Central Hong Kong Cuisine in Center City, Philadelphia


Sang Kee Peking Duck House is a Chinese restaurant located in the Chinatown section of Philadelphia, and while other Chinese takeout joints in our area tend to focus more on the Szechuan, Hunan, or Cantonese styles of Chinese cuisine, Sang Kee specializes in Hong Kong style.

The Hong Kong style of Chinese is all about dim sum, which is a Cantonese term for a small hearty dish. The good thing about dim sum is that you can try a lot of different things. That’s if you don’t mind looking like a slob afterwards with all those plates on your table.

Chicken spring rolls with duck sauce and hot mustard dipping sauces

The Food Dudes are always ready to indulge, we wouldn’t be in business otherwise, but as appetizing as plate after plate of food sounded, we decided to go with more traditional meals.

With our cups of green tea poured and our appetites ready, we first sunk our teeth into some chicken spring rolls. Andrew has dubbed this as the best spring roll he has ever had, so you know that it has to be good. It’s lightly fried to give it a nice golden color and it’s flaky instead of crunchy. It also comes with two dipping sauces, duck sauce or hot mustard. The duck sauce is a mixture of sweet and sour tastes, whereas the hot mustard lives up to its name. It’s beyond hot and has claimed the lives of many taste buds.

Sautéed thin rice noodle with shredded pork and shiitake mushrooms

Shrimp and pork with needle noodle
Andrew’s main course was a sautéed thin rice noodle with shredded pork and shiitake mushrooms. Damion ordered shrimp and pork with needle noodle. These were both good in their own right, so good that I didn’t even get to try them. Even so, everyone agreed that the dish of the night belonged to my beef with green vegetable and stir fried rice noodle.
Beef with green vegetable and stir fried rice noodle
The beef was very tender; it was actually slipping away from my chopsticks. The vegetable and noodle made the perfect compliments to the dish, and there were plenty of both. I actually could not finish, which is extremely rare. The average eater will definitely get their money’s worth here. But of course, we all managed to save just enough room for a little dessert.
Green tea, mint chocolate chip, and strawberry ice cream
Three flavors of ice cream were served to us: green tea, mint chocolate chip, and strawberry. Within a couple of spoonfuls all of that creamy goodness was gone and we were left feeling pretty full. And in non-Food Dudes fashion, we ALL had leftovers. It was just a shame that we didn’t have enough room in our hotel’s mini fridge.

Sang Kee has another location in Philadelphia’s historic Reading Terminal Market, where you can get a full view of their signature Peking duck in a display case. But if you have a weak stomach, the Chinatown location is the way to go. Both locations have the full menu and a lot of food for a very decent price, so bring your appetites and enhance your experience by dining with chopsticks. It can only make you look that much classier with all of that food by your side.

Sang Kee Peking Duck House
238 North 9th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 925-7532

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