Riko’s Pizza is Coming to Norwalk!

It’s true! And my gosh am I thrilled about this. I love pizza but more importantly, Norwalk finally gets a pizza joint that embodies that whole Stamford thing, you know, Colony, and a few Riko’s locations.

Yeah, yeah. Relax. I know these two places will be forever connected in multiple ways and I am even more aware of the whole “Who’s better?” debate. In fact, some guy you may or may not know has been down that road already. Don’t believe me? CLICK HERE. 

Side note: That CBS article was written when Riko’s was called “Rico’s” and when they had no liquor permit. I’m just sayin! I took a little heat for that. 
Are you familiar with hot oil? You’re missing out, bro.

Hot oil with pepperoni up close. You know you wanna…

Meatball w/o hot oil 😦

Anyway, I’d like to take a moment to welcome Riko’s to my town. Their Norwalk location will be at 345 Main Avenue and will be takeout and delivery only. We will keep you updated as to when their new place will open, but I do know it’s soon!
Riko’s, I plan on eating a lot of pizza from you.

Visit Riko’s Pizza online at http://www.rikospizza.com and toss them some Facebook love too!

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